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Information plus documentation a must for informed consent

In 1990, Dr. Gottesman was sued for late diagnosis of a patient's prostate cancer. ... If the patient has any particular impediments to understanding, it's even more crucial to have a second listener, he added.
January 2012

High-value care Physician-patient communication about goals of care is a low-risk, high-value intervention for patients with a life-threatening illness, ... Physician-patient communication about goals of care is
November 2014

Promoting diversity in medicine

He asked them to imagine a world where doctor-patient communication is uncomfortable and results in a chasm of mistrust. ... Where a patient's race or demographic influences the treatment plan, often to their detriment.
July 2022

Occupational medicine

She will introduce the most common forms for work and the disability system that internists face in clinical practice, explain the context and reasons for patient questions, and discuss the importance ... patient communication, return-to-work and workers'
May 2018

Jury is out on truth in clinical trials

an update on an early adopter of patient communication portals. ... other preventive screenings and stepping up patient education.
January 2009

From ACP Foundation Put words in our mouth. The ACP Foundation recently launched free new tool, HEALTH NoTES, to facilitate physician-patient communication around
August 2010

E-mailing with patients can improve patient-centered care Technological advances are also patient communication and satisfaction measures, helping people arrange appointments, review test results and receive medical advice. ... What is holding back e-mail
November 2013

From the College

Through 80 case-based, self-assessment questions, physicians and their clinical teams can learn to deliver optimal care including overviews of treatment, seminal clinical studies, drug treatments, and patient communication skills.
December 2010

Breast cancer

For now, the key to navigating these tradeoffs remains open and effective physician–patient communication, rigorous evaluation of all proposed screening strategies, and continued investment in early detection research.”.
March 2022

Open access requires an open mind by doctors

worried. Learn how some large health systems are applying open access to improve patient communication and compliance. ... Craft. Ms. Johnson's experience also confirmed another of the intended benefits: greater trust between physician and patient.
March 2012

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