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Which would be bad since sometimes I might be the only “cousin” or family that patient has. ... At the very end of that clinic visit that patient told me about her grandchildren.
October 2021

Don't give up on patient self-management

A practice that invests in health coaching can reap patient care benefits, Dr. ... The patient, now a non-smoker, relayed that passing comment months later, Dr.
February 2013

Dr. Insurance Broker

Not longer than an hour later I was seeing a 67-year-old patient in the clinic who asked me: "I just got my Medicare (Part A) card and must decide ... view on health care reform, science, research and patient care.
October 2021

What is quality?

According to me:. [T]he ability to bring more than one style of communication to bear in meeting the needs of a varied patient base. ... That’s simple (not the same as easy): time. Taking the time to listen, get to know what kind of communication the
October 2021

Study other arts to practice better medicine Patient communication skills hinge upon careful listening and speaking, cultural literacy, humility, and awareness of the ... Skillful inclusive clinical
July 2018

QD: News Every Day--Poster-sized commitment to fewer antibiotics offers modest reduction for prescriptions

Rather than direct confrontation with the force of education or nagging, they sought a gentler ‘nudging’ approach that worked harmoniously with the underlying psychology of both patient and clinician.”.
October 2021

Case of caring

Finally, I was really impressed by what the patient himself had to say about his care. ... This Case Record retaught old, but important lessons. Being personable, being generous with information, and being attentive to physical comfort are things we can
October 2021

Gone to Carolina

“Can't you see the sunshine? Can't you just feel the moonshine? Ain't it just like a friend of mine to hit you from behind? Yes, I'm gone to...
October 2021

Personal tech

Records are not for patient care or communication, they are the goods doctors give to the payors in exchange for money. ... My main communication tool, Twistle, allows me to communicate quickly and securely with my patients.
October 2021

Overcoming colonoscopy's image problem

Bowel prep can be even harder on women. For advice on this patient group, visit ACP Internist's blog. ... The Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research offers colon screening materials meant to simplify physician decision-making and ease patient
January 2009

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