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Doctors, ditch the tie and the coat

ACP Internist has addressed doctors' dress before . Most recently, blogger Toni Brayer, FACP, dressed down doctors for wearing ties . Now, ...
October 2021

QD--News Every Day: What's keeping you busy these days?

E-mails averaged 16.8 per day: 59.3% to interpret test results, 21.7% for patient responses, 9.3% for administrative problems, 5.0% for acute problems, 2.8% for ... Imaging reports averaged 11.1 per day, usually requiring patient communication and
October 2021

Care, primarily

Primary care is about relationship, about doctor knowing patient and patient knowing doctor. ... But I do think the pressure to become an E/M coding machine, for focusing on the business over the patient, is getting progressively stronger.
October 2021

To improve patient and family satisfaction, start with this 1 simple thing

Patient satisfaction and improving the hospital experience are all the rage these days in hospital administration circles. ... This discussion frequently happens before the doctor has even had a chance to see the patient!
October 2021

Doctor sues patients for lousy online ratings

A similar case was filed last year by a dentist in San Francisco, Gelareh Rahbar, who filed a case against a patient who wrote a negative review on ... The case was thrown out by the judge and Rahbar was ordered to pay $43,000 for the patient's
October 2021

Med students unfamiliar with electronic health records

encounter simulating a cancer patient hospitalized with complications from chemotherapy. ... Students were scored on their ability to find information crucial to the patient's case within the EHR and their ability to analyze the EHR without alienating
October 2021

'Doctor, can the family talk to you?'

But it personally makes me internally shudder if I see any doctor who doesn't feel it their duty to talk with their patient's family. ... You may be tired, exhausted or hungry to the point that every patient may seem like just another name on your list.
October 2021

Narrative medicine seeks the story behind the illness

A brief, chance encounter with a patient many years ago forever changed the way ACP Member Rita A. ... Aronson. It teaches physicians to think more broadly about what may underlie a patient's persistent health problems.
October 2020

Changing patient behavior with two power words

That assumes of course a trusting relationship between patient and physician (but that's a topic for another day.). ... Reasons included lack of time, visit was for acute problem, patient had previously declined or forget.
October 2021

Paging Dr. Big Brother

Patients who fail to take their medications properly suffer unnecessary complications, raise health care costs and drive their physicians nu...
October 2021

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