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You are not a “homeless lady.”. You are not a “psych patient.”.
October 2021

Listen more

3. When you examine a patient, you examine a person. This was my favorite reason. ... The first, and more important, is learning the patient's story by listening.
October 2021

Patients find medical home in Pennsylvania

Standard 1: Access and Communication Points (9). A. Has written standards for patient access and patient communication 4. ... B. Uses data to show it meets its standards for patient access and communication 5.
April 2009


Noncomplaince'. Noncompliance means I think the patient should do it this way and the patient didn’t do it this way. ... His research interests include doctor-patient communication, bioethics, and systematic reviews. He is also a poet, journalist and
October 2021

Making nice

Over the summer, a couple of news stories stood out to me as examples of lemons and lemonade. First, the prix du citron : Tony Hayward of B...
October 2021

Get (TF) out

I used my softest voice. Tender and earnest. Made sure my body movements were slow, gentle and nonthreatening. You'd been through so much al...
October 2021


My patient, minding her own business and moving slowly through the aisles of a store. ... So, a few years after I came to Atlanta, I called Zoo Atlanta on behalf of a patient of mine.
October 2021

Touch me or touch me not?

In my experience as a patient, I consider it one of my most thorough exams.". ... Dr. Schumann is a general internist. His blog, GlassHospital, seeks to bring transparency to medical practice and to improve the patient experience.
October 2021

Diving into delicate patient conversations

One of them is called syphilis. Have you heard of that?” she said to the mock patient. ... In some cases, it will turn out that the patient was just uncomfortable, not withholding information.
June 2012


Yeah, doc,” the patient said. ”It's not something normal, that's for sure.”. ... In a strange way, this patient, by calling me and letting me know how much I've done, did something heroic for me.
October 2021

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