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Current Issue | November/December 2021 Patient Communication Busting COVID-19 vaccination myths ...

Information plus documentation a must for informed consent

In 1990, Dr. Gottesman was sued for late diagnosis of a patient's prostate cancer. ... If the patient has any particular impediments to understanding, it's even more crucial to have a second listener, he added.
January 2012

Doctor/patient communication could use a boost

Doctor/patient communication could use a boost. In a surprising report from the Archives of Internal Medicine, we learn that most hospitalized patients (82%) could not accurately name the physician responsible ... The trend to get patients out of the
November 2021


I tell myself: Speak in tones that aren't patronizing and sorrowful or as if you're irrevocably broken. Then coach yourself away from the fe...
November 2021

Knife dancing

Discharging as soon as medically possible, while aiding the patient in their convalescence. • ... His research interests include doctor-patient communication, bioethics, and systematic reviews. He is also a poet, journalist and translator in Yiddish
November 2021


And, yes, stopping the medication in these circumstances fixed the problems the patient was having. ... I recently had a diabetic patient come to me embarrassed with his poor control.
November 2021

Listen more

3. When you examine a patient, you examine a person. This was my favorite reason. ... The first, and more important, is learning the patient's story by listening.
November 2021

Painfully aware

She didn't look well. No one "looks well" sitting in an crowded ER, but she really didn't look good. At first glance from across the room I ...
November 2021

Getting the gist

Patient A remembers the risk as 10%, while Patient B remembers a 0% risk. ... Even though Patient B's recollection is numerically closer to correct, it's less useful, because Patient A has correctly understood the gist that the surgery holds some
November 2021


So there you had it. This is why my patient had lost more than 40 pounds in 3 years without trying.
November 2021

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