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Adjustments to diet will mitigate many of the risk factors for developing cognitive decline. ... Diets rich in fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fats, fish and whole-grain cereal products are being studied and show some promise for increasing brain
November 2021

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Discontinue atorvastatin. B. Discontinue lisinopril. C. Initiate lactulose. D. Initiate low-protein diet. ... Therefore, a low-protein diet (Option D) should not be initiated for this patient.
August 2021

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He is interested in colorectal cancer screening; however, he adamantly refuses to undergo colon preparation, and he does not want to modify his diet for screening. ... Mortality data for this screening strategy are not available. Because this patient
October 2019

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The remainder of the physical examination is unremarkable. Upper endoscopic findings reveal retained saliva, liquid, and food in the esophagus without mechanical obstruction. ... The clinical presentation of achalasia consists of dysphagia to both solids
September 2018

Lifestyle interventions

All participants continued daily routine activities without any prescribed diet or physical activity.
February 2022

Array of symptoms can point to celiac

They may have the gene for celiac disease and feel better on a gluten-free diet. ... A gluten-free diet requires avoiding processed foods and ingredients that may contain wheat, rye and barley, including beer, bouillon cubes, candy, cold cuts, French
April 2010

Osteoarthritis Overweight and obese adults with pain and radiographically confirmed knee osteoarthritis who had participated in the Intensive Diet and Exercise for ... Researchers performed a secondary analysis
June 2018

Diabetes An award-winning guidebook helps patients learn about diet, exercise, blood glucose monitoring, the importance of foot exams, and management of ... This award-winning guidebook helps patients
October 2017

Dealing with food allergies, chronic pain Food allergies can represent a complicated area of diagnosis and treatment for internists. ... Food allergies can represent a complicated area of diagnosis and treatment for internists.
May 2011

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She has been dining in the hotel restaurants but has also consumed foods and bottled soft drinks served with ice from local food vendors.
August 2016

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