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Continued compliance with the gluten-free diet will allow a decrease in the dapsone, and it can often be discontinued. ... A gluten-free diet treats the cause, rather than the symptoms, of the disease.
September 2012

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Generally, furosemide doses of 40 to 80 mg twice daily is initiated with a salt-restricted diet and adjusted according to the response.
August 2021


drinks, and meat), while eight foods were associated with reduced serum urate levels (eggs, peanuts, cold cereal, skim milk, cheese, brown bread, margarine, and noncitrus fruits). ... The authors noted that the main limitation of the study was the use of
October 2018

Genes, environment hold the keys to healthy aging

The trick is you have to take advantage of those genes with healthy behaviors and not fight them with unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, having diets conducive to obesity, lack of ... Also, counseling people to ensure healthy diets, to exercise, even
May 2017

New gout guidelines and 'treat to target'

The ACR and EULAR guidelines recommend talking to patients about their diet and the need to avoid organ meats, beverages, and foods with high-fructose corn syrup, as well as overuse
April 2017

Cancer screening

Model predictions were evaluated in two large U.S. cohorts of patients who had ever smoked: 337,388 people in the National Institutes of Health–AARP Diet and Health Study and ... 72,338 people in the CPS-II (Cancer Prevention Study II) Nutrition Survey
May 2018

Weight loss

The study included 371 postpartum women (mean age, 28.1 years; 81.6% Hispanic) participating in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) at 12 clinics in ... The primary outcome was weight change over 12 months.
June 2017

A new approach to diverticulitis

Stollman. “We used to tell people, ‘Don't eat popcorn, and don't eat seeds and nuts.’ There's still a lot of people who are not eating those foods,” said ... longer a recommendation to counsel people to avoid those foods.”.
April 2022


routine. In addition, most studies used food diaries, which are not wholly reliable. ... Until these conditions clear, it would be reasonable to hold off on any supplement or diet modification in all guidelines and recommendations.”.
July 2019

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The patient also reports experiencing a pressure sensation when swallowing solid foods for the past year and daily diarrhea for the past 2 months.
November 2014

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