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Physicians as patients with COVID-19

Physicians who contracted COVID-19 share their perspectives on how the disease has changed their personal and professional lives.
1 Jan 2022

MKSAP Quiz: 10-day history of abdominal cramping, diarrhea

A 36-year-old man is evaluated for a 10-day history of abdominal cramping, diarrhea, malaise, and nausea. Diarrhea is watery without mucus or blood. He recently returned from a trip to Lima, Peru. Following a physical exam and stool assay, what is the most appropriate treatment?
25 Feb 2020

MKSAP Quiz: Progressive dysphagia for 8 months

A 75-year-old man is evaluated for progressive dysphagia of 8 months' duration for both solid food and water, and the necessity to induce vomiting several times each month to relieve his symptoms. He also has experienced chest pain and heartburn symptoms and has lost weight. After physical exam, upper endoscopy, and manometry, what is the most likely diagnosis?
25 Sep 2018

Alcohol abstinence may reduce secondary atrial fibrillation, randomized trial finds

An editorial noted the potential difficulty of convincing patients who drink regularly to abstain from alcohol long enough to make a difference.
7 Jan 2020

Guidelines diminish cholesterol worries

Physicians can expect questions from patients confused by a committee's report stating that dietary cholesterol should no longer be considered “a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”.
1 Jun 2015

MKSAP Quiz: 6-month history of loose stools, bloating, weight loss

A 32-year-old woman is evaluated for a 6-month history of loose stools, bloating, and weight loss. Her brother has type 1 diabetes mellitus, and her mother has autoimmune thyroid disease. After physical examination and laboratory studies, what test should be performed next?
28 Jan 2020

Taking a weight off diabetes care

Not only is the focus on weight not beneficial to diabetes patients, it can cause other health consequences such as weight cycling and eating disorders.
1 Sep 2020

Little evidence supports nutritional supplements for protection against cardiovascular disease, death

A large review found some evidence of benefit from reduced salt intake and polyunsaturated fatty acid consumption, but most of the studied vitamins, supplements, and dietary strategies did not have evidence support.
9 Jul 2019

Long-term weight loss of at least 20% helps improve outcomes in overweight, obese patients with knee osteoarthritis

Overweight and obese adults with pain and radiographically confirmed knee osteoarthritis who had participated in the Intensive Diet and Exercise for Arthritis study were characterized according to their weight loss over 18 months: less than 5%, at least 5%, at least 10%, and at least 20%.
26 Jun 2018

Reviews find little to no evidence of adverse health effects from meat consumption

Researchers conducted five separate reviews looking for associations between meat consumption and outcomes, including mortality and cancer incidence, and produced a guideline based on their findings.
1 Oct 2019

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