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Doctors have an online presence, even if they don't know it yet

Physicians can highlight their professional experience and where they work. They can highlight their educational background.
November 2013

Government dysfunction: It's enough to make a grown man cry

A host of issues highlight the dysfunctional approach that federal and state governments have taken toward issues with a direct impact on health care.
October 2014

Fixing the system to fight burnout

Studies continue to pile up that highlight the cost, both in dollars and practice time, of accumulating documentation and other requirements.
November 2016

Founding ABIM, fighting World War II: ACP from 1935-1945

In 1940, highlights included the role of substances derived from soil microorganisms in combating infection, the latest sulfapyridine drugs, and aviation and submarine medicine.
March 2015

SPRINT prompts new debate on BP targets

Recent guidelines from the American Cancer Society highlight the main areas to be covered, including recurrence surveillance, screening for second primary cancer, and physical and psychological long-term and late effects ... Highlights this year include
March 2016

Dollars, denominators, and risk adjustment

Dollars, denominators, and risk adjustment. Because not everyone who reads this blog reads the comments, I wanted to highlight these particularly insightful observations about Mike Edmond, MD, FACP's post on
December 2019

Is medical research rigged?

Medical progress does not proceed linearly. Although I am a neophyte here, I will offer some examples to readers highlight defects in study design that can lead to tantalizing and exaggerated
December 2019

Celebrating ACP's history, embracing its future

and we highlight ACP's leadership in addressing access to care and health care disparities for vulnerable and minority populations.
May 2015

Accidental smartness

It was not at all planned, nor would it ever be something you'd read about in business magazines (Forbes, Popular Mechanics, or Highlights).
December 2019

Better, not broken: pursuing empathy during medical training

A recent Health Affairs blog post highlights empathy as a crucial element to good care and improved patient outcomes.
April 2014

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