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Early interventions overlooked in OA

Also in 2012, the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) released an updated set of guidelines on osteoarthritis, its first since 2000, which highlight the value of trying exercise and weight loss
May 2013

Medicine and management: hits from Hospital Medicine

Also, highlights from Hospital Medicine 2009 discuss caring for the pregnant patient, documenting care for the best reimbursement and ways to improve handoffs from shift to shift.
July 2009

Benefits of clearly defining value in patient care

societal good and costs of care. Image by iStock. The shift toward a value-based health system is poised to highlight these tradeoffs perhaps more than ever before. ... Some areas are more ripe for reform than others, and definitional clarity can avoid
November 2015

Out and about: D.C.'s neighborhoods, exhibits and monuments

Running for Office: Candidates, Campaigns, and the Cartoons of Clifford Berryman The National Archives features 41 exceptional pen-and-ink drawings that highlight timeless aspects of the American campaign and election ... Sackler Gallery highlights 86
April 2008

When is it sleep apnea?

Our preview article details the special centennial events that are planned, including educational sessions focusing on ACP's history and update sessions that highlight past landmark articles from Annals of Internal
March 2015

Pioneering internist is still outworking peers at age 80

Highlight of College involvement: Robert Irby Wise, MD, now about 100 years old, white, had been very active with the ACP.
June 2008

Retrospethics [Updated.]

The comments by readers are worth a look, too, and highlight the inherent tensions in such a project: It’s work that’s stunning, haunting, and probably prize-winning.
December 2019

Practice Tips: Review reporting of industry relationships

decisions. The program is also aligned with ACP ethical guidelines, which highlight the need for physician awareness of the potential undue influence of these financial and similar relationships with industry and
July 2014

Internal Medicine mixes new offerings with old favorites

As always, Saturday will bring the Internal Medicine Highlights session, in which three clinical teachers present their most valuable take-home messages from the meeting, followed by the championship round of
March 2009

Hospital fashion steps forward

Hospital fashion steps forward. The November AARP Bulletin highlights a promising development in hospital couture: trendsetter Diane von Furstenberg has designed new, unisex gowns ready for wearing in hospitals.
December 2019

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