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Coping skills, counseling best for low back pain

The Choosing Wisely campaign highlights radiation concerns even with X-rays, noting that radiography of the back delivers 75 times as much radiation as a chest X-ray.
November 2013

Work-life balance easily upset, tough to restore

exam. To that end, some medical schools are starting to highlight physical activity for their own physicians in training, Dr.
April 2013

Integrate palliative care from early illness onward

care. Highlights of the NQF standards include around-the-clock access to palliative and hospice care; access to credentialed palliative care personnel; measuring and documenting pain, dyspnea and constipation using scales;
June 2011

Excellent internal medicine takes time

We must highlight this problem. When internists spend inadequate time with their patients, they experience discomfort.
February 2015

Time away from the office an investment in the time spent in it

So snatching a last chance to upgrade my knowledge, I attended the gem-filled highlights of Saturday's closing session, and then subsequently downloaded the handouts. ... One of the highlights session's three presenters rightly pointed out that you only
June 2011

Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 heads to Boston

Licht. “Included in the simulcast will be the [Internal Medicine Meeting 2015] highlights session, so people who subscribe to the simulcast will hear take-home messages from sessions way beyond those
March 2015

Repeal and ... then what?

Here are a few “highlights”:. • Despite having 8 years to figure out what brilliant alternative to Obamacare they would like to see, it seems that Republicans have no plan beyond repeal.
July 2020

Increasing colorectal cancer screening

1. Highlight the importance of colorectal cancer screening in comparison to other screening tests.
January 2019

Trainees take charge at Leadership Day 2019

Photo by Nick Klein. Trainees were a highlight of Leadership Day 2019, which welcomed about 75 medical students (some pictured here) and more than 100 residents and fellows-in-training.
July 2019

Founding ABIM, fighting World War II: ACP from 1935-1945

In 1940, highlights included the role of substances derived from soil microorganisms in combating infection, the latest sulfapyridine drugs, and aviation and submarine medicine.
March 2015

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