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Immunization is everyone's issue

Why do we do that with flu vaccine? Q: What else would you like to highlight about vaccination in particular or the Advisory Group's work as a whole?
October 2019

Medicine's #MeToo movement

Organizations and professional societies could also consider formal interventions to highlight the presence of allies.
May 2018

Presidential candidates tackle problem of health care costs

The Republicans also highlight malpractice reform as an avenue to lower costs.
March 2008

Hepatitis C diagnosis, treatment changing rapidly

And every issue of ACP Internist this year will include an article that highlights each of ACP's 10 decades.
January 2015

Physician drug testing

Proponents of the measure (Proposition 46) highlight the danger posed by impaired physicians and the ubiquity of drug testing for other professionals such as airline pilots and public safety officers.
December 2019

Are GMO foods safe?

Obviously, I support labeling that highlights specific known dangers of a product.
December 2019

Antimicrobial stewardship and C. difficile therapy are complicated

To do our part, bloggers used this (and hopefully other) posts to “Highlight Get Smart Week on your website” as CDC suggested as an Activity Idea.
December 2019

Refine your referrals to physical rehab with thought, timeliness

These rehabilitation clinicians' differences of opinion highlight the importance of an open line of communication between referring physicians and therapists.
April 2014

Heparin, saline solutions recalled for possible contamination

Men who are taking organic nitrates shouldn't use tadalafil. The drug recently underwent a label change to highlight potential risk of sudden hearing loss.
March 2008

Updates to Medicare program change telehealth codes, PQRS

The review continues in this column with highlights about telehealth services, diabetic treatment and management services, the Physician Quality Reporting System, and the value-based payment modifier.
February 2012

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