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Should you eat pasta?

As diverse studies continue to highlight the health benefits of traditional Mediterranean dietary patterns, enthusiasm for them among experts in nutrition is predictably strong and widespread.
July 2020

ACP services satisfy a broad array of internists' needs

Consider this admittedly incomplete list of some of the highlights. Over the past 2 years, ACP members have seen the most dramatic change in the presentation of Annals of Internal Medicine
November 2013

An alarming advance in computerized monitoring

Adding that simple layer of nuance can highlight more critical alerts, thus ensuring more doctors will pay attention to them.
July 2020

It pays to read the small print.

the details, not the pre-selected highlights.
July 2020

Dispensing docs and disability evaluations

In particular, it highlights a world of doctors that dispense drugs in their offices, which improves both patient satisfaction and profit$.
July 2020

What's the deal with medical tourism?

The first highlights a new pattern of employers encouraging workers to travel within the U.S.
July 2020

Electronic health records, quality and safety take the fore at Pritzker IHI open school

In a handoff curriculum for residents, we do highlight avoiding CoPaGA syndrome (Copy and Paste Gone Amok) by highlighting that it is allowed to cut and paste but their responsibility is ... While medical informatics is covered by in some form in many
July 2020

Colonoscopy prep harder on women

ACP Internist highlights ways to make colonoscopy screening easier on patients, including video interviews, as well as reviews expert opinions on two guidelines on colon screening methods released in 2008.
July 2020

Digestive Disease Week: Colorectal cancer detection

days. Studies on tools to detect colorectal cancer are among today's research highlights:.
July 2020

QD--President promotes health care reform's immediate gains

Video of the 4:39 minute speach can be found here.). Highlights of the speech include:.
July 2020

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