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ACP Internist - July/August 2010

Featured Articles


Rheumatoid arthritis hurts the whole body

Taking care of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis involves a partnership between internists and subspecialists, agree physicians managing cardiovascular risks, cancer or infections.


Ethics in medicine

Doctors debate the ethics of assisted suicide

The medical community and the world at large are looking at how physician-assisted suicide is playing out in Washington, Oregon and Montana. Are these states a bellwether or a death knell for legalizing the issue elsewhere? And how should physicians respond when presented with such requests from their patients?


Conference coverage

‘Year of the Lung’ draws attention to COPD, asthma

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is projected to be the third most common cause of death by 2020, but it is currently underestimated. This year’s American Thoracic Society meeting focuses on lung disease issues to bring them to the attention of the rest of the medical community.


Not sleeping but not sleepy with asymptomatic apnea

As many as 25% of apnea sufferers don’t complain of daytime sleepiness. Compliance is a problem because these patients may not see the value of treatment, according to researchers at the American Thoracic Society.


FDA Update

Recalls expanded on defibrillators, infusion pumps

Recalls, warnings, approvals and other regulatory news.



Editor’s Note

Systemic problems common with rheumatoid arthritis

A look at rheumatoid arthritis finds that its risks aren’t always recognized for the constellation of effects it can lead to.


Mindful Medicine

Attribution error confounds a diagnosis after colon cancer

A rapid deterioration in mental status confounds doctors caring for a colon cancer patient admitted to the hospital for nausea and vomiting. An internist reviews the patient's history for the clue to the right diagnosis.


President’s Message

ACP can be a medical home for all aspects of internal medicine

Physicians with widely disparate backgrounds and interests can function together and share a passion for expanding primary care under the auspices of a patient-centered medical home.


Washington Perspective

Changing health care from the ground up

Health care reform will play out in doctors’ offices, not in Washington, D.C. Patients and physicians will determine how costs change in the upcoming years.


Practice Management

Practice Rx

Help ACP determine Medicare’s physician service payments

ACP will invite randomly selected members to provide feedback that could influence Medicare reimbursement on services common to internal medicine.



A primer in safe vaccine management

Commonsense, easy-to-implement steps can be worked into a practice to ensure safety for patients, employees and the vaccines themselves.


College News



ACP announces the passing of Winthrop Fish, FACP, and other members.


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Annals Virtual Patient series 1-4 available

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