Dont be surprised if patients log in from somewhere like a car or public park because they dont have privacy at home This can be a red flag for IPV Image by AJ_Watt

Easing screens for intimate partner violence

Internists can be leaders in addressing intimate partner violence, a problem for which effective screening tools and interventions are available.

The 2020 election and the future of health care

Regardless of the election outcome, it will take determination to make ACP's vision of “Better Is Possible” a reality moving forward.

Internists must navigate multiple worlds during the pandemic

Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic has cast a bright light on the value of the internist's comprehensive case management skills, among them symptom identification, accurate diagnosis, and disease management.

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Narrative medicine harnesses knowledge from the humanities and the arts to make sure that patients do not feel alone in their illness Image by Anita Sagastegui

Narrative medicine seeks the story behind the illness

Narrative medicine puts the humanities and the arts in the service of health care not just to cure patients, but to make sure they are not all alone in their illness.

Clinicians might be very familiar with hospital oxygen delivery equipment but more unfamiliar with the home-based equipment patients use after discharge Image by Vadym Terelyuk

Know your home oxygen options

Physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists may be unfamiliar with home oxygen equipment that differs from hospital equipment. Six questions can help clinicians choose the best options for a patient.

Among other tips for engaging an audience during a virtual lecture Give talks standing up instead of sitting in a chair Image by Drazen_

Educators, are you ready for your close-up?

Eight tips can ease the switch to online education.

Breathing easier from hospital to home

A substantial percentage of patients prescribed home oxygen at hospital discharge after an acute COPD exacerbation no longer meet the criteria two to three months later.

How ‘seeing’ a patient has changed

Virtual visits reduce travel time to appointments, saves out-of-pocket costs, offers better access to remote patients, and even allows physicians to see more patients while enjoying more flexible schedules.

Infusion sets, heparin recalled

This column reviews details on recent recalls, warnings, and approvals.

Pandemic parenting as a physician

As the pandemic escalated, two physicians learned to balance increased home duties with increased workloads.

MKSAP Quiz: Mole changing in color

An 18-year-old woman is evaluated for a mole on her back that has been changing in color for several weeks. There are no other associated symptoms. Following a physical examination, what is the most likely diagnosis?

Image  American College of Physicians

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

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Taking stock of telemedicine

This issue also covers intimate partner violence, narrative medicine, and conference coverage from two medical society meetings.

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