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CDC updates tuberculosis screening, testing recommendations for health care personnel

Among the recommendations are tuberculosis screening with an individual risk assessment and symptom evaluation at baseline (preplacement) and tuberculosis testing with an interferon-gamma release assay or a tuberculin skin test for people without documented prior latent tuberculosis.

Hospital readmission rates do not vary widely among primary care physicians

Among 4,230 primary care physicians in Texas, one had a 30-day readmission rate significantly higher than the mean of 12.9%, while none had a significantly lower rate.

MKSAP Quiz: 1-year history of daily afternoon fatigue

A 51-year-old woman with a 5-year history of multiple sclerosis is evaluated for a 1-year history of daily afternoon fatigue that necessitates frequent naps and impairs her concentration at work. Following a physical exam and lab studies, what is the most appropriate management?

Dabigatran not superior to aspirin for recurrent stroke prevention in certain patients

The industry-funded multicenter randomized, double-blind trial compared dabigatran, 150 mg or 110 mg twice daily, with aspirin, 100 mg once daily, in patients who had had an embolic stroke of undetermined source.

Now available: Video of Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 Opening Ceremony conversation featuring Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA

ACP's EVP/CEO Darilyn V. Moyer, MD, FACP, sat down with Dr. Murthy for an engaging discussion about emotional well-being and its impact on health, productivity, and education.

ACP congratulates 2019 Hackathon winners

ACP held its first-ever Hackathon competition at Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 in Philadelphia in April.

Put words in our mouth

ACP Internist Weekly wants readers to create captions for our new cartoon and help choose the winner. Pen the winning caption and win a $50 gift certificate good toward any ACP product, program, or service.