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ICD-10 doesn't have to be intimidating

It's only 1 year away. To assess whether your practice is on track for implementation, please check your progress against the ACP Physician and Practice Timeline, online.
November 2013

Medicare expands its private contractor audits nationwide

The final part of a series on small practice issues advises tackling practice improvements one at a time and putting one person in charge of the process.
June 2008

GASTROENTEROLOGY “Probably the biggest negative is that it car-ries ...

Thereport stated, “In the first year of the med-ical home contract, Aetna’s 5,650 membersbeing treated by WESTMED [group practice]physicians saw a 35 percent reduction inhospital admissions and ... Practice Rx continued from page 7. INT0914_FINAL 8/20
August 2014

Answering questions about coding for ACA-mandated services

ACP's practice management staff answers questions about coverage of and coding for preventive services mandated by the Affordable Care Act.
March 2014

Avoid the most common claims errors in Medicare billing

The practice's next steps are to review the claim carefully, research the patient record to determine the missing information, and then resubmit the claim in a timely fashion. ... Review your practice's billing process to avoid automatic resubmissions of
April 2013

Assess your ability to comply with version 5010 requirements

Changes will be needed to practice management systems to capture the required data for 5010 transactions. ... Contact your practice's Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) to inquire about its testing protocols.
June 2011

How to survive private practice and have a life

How do busy physicians in private practice find time for their personal lives? ... Diversify your practice by doing part-time hospice or palliative care or participating in office-based research.
July 2008

Transitional care management services change in 2013

Learn how to recoup the increased reimbursement offered in the 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule by using two new codes and modifications.
January 2013

Documenting ICD-10-CM: What's new?

That specificity will be critical for efficient claims processing, and learning what is needed may require some time and practice. ... practice. It may also be helpful to begin requesting a testing plan schedule from your vendor.
April 2015

CMS delays ICD-10, offers new overpayment options

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services heard the primary care community's complaints and have delayed ICD-10 implementation until further notice. The agency did, however, launch several new tactics in order to collect overpayments.
April 2012

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