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ACP disputes federal valuation of primary care observation codes

ACP disputes the relative values assigned to observation care codes, believing that they do not fully account for the physician work involved in providing the services. But CMS finalized the relative values at the disputed levels. ACP advocacy and
September 2011

Internists need to know coding for CPAP, observation services

pressure. There is respiratory therapist work and practice expense, in addition to the physician's phoning in orders and signing forms.
April 2011

ICD-10 advice, and clarifying transitional care management

Start by examining documentation for the most frequently used codes in the practice, and work with coding staff to determine if the documentation would be specific and detailed enough to select ... However, CMS will allow the physician or practice to
March 2013

Medicare implements new advanced beneficiary notice form

I heard that there is a new advanced beneficiary notice (ABN) form for Medicare patients. When do I use it?.
May 2008

Take advantage of ICD-10 codes being delayed once more

Compliance with the switch to ICD-10 diagnosis coding has been delayed to Oct. 1, 2014. The delay will let doctors, software developers and vendors fully test the new coding set in the office setting.
October 2012

CMS revises rules for E/M documentation, hospital discharges

The revision clarifies the patient population, the definition of a practice, the care plan description, and the reporting requirements.
January 2014

Four more screening, counseling services covered by Medicare

Learn how to incorporate these into a practice. ... Also, a primary care physician is defined by CMS as a physician who is identified in the Medicare enrollment records as a general practitioner, family practice practitioner, general internist, or
March 2012

CMS aims to prevent fraud while protecting ‘the good guys'

Learn three things a practice can do to reduce its chances of being audited. ... Conduct self-audits of your practice to verify your compliance with Medicare program rules.
June 2012

ICD-10 is still on the way, and readiness remains key

impact assessments for your practice's systems, applications, documentation processes, workflow and policy implications. ... refine your practice's project plan, timeline(s), and budget as necessary; and.
September 2012

Future claims: Moving toward ICD-10 and new standards

Q: What will Version 5010 and ICD-10 require from a typical physician office practice? ... Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) were $83,000 for a small practice to $2.7 million for a large practice.
July 2009

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