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Frequently used codes relocated throughout CPT for 2009

New CPT codes took effect Jan. 1, so our coding expert tells you where to look for commonly used codes.
January 2009

Avoid the most common claims errors in Medicare billing

The practice's next steps are to review the claim carefully, research the patient record to determine the missing information, and then resubmit the claim in a timely fashion. ... Review your practice's billing process to avoid automatic resubmissions of
April 2013

Answering questions about coding for ACA-mandated services ACP's practice management staff answers questions about coverage of and coding for preventive services mandated by the Affordable Care Act.
March 2014

Adapt to ICD-9 changes most relevant to internal medicine

A: It's better for each practice to make the code changes now. ... Obsolete ICD-9 codes could result in denied or rejected claims. You should review the entire set of updates, select the ones that are relevant to your practice, and implement them
October 2009

2009 brings some changes to Welcome to Medicare exam

Find out how this will benefit your practice.
March 2009

Accurate coding of the Initial Preventive Physical Examination

Even though it is not a requirement, it would be good practice to use some documentation, such as an Advance Beneficiary Notice, to notify patients that they will need to pay
October 2014

New billing codes for ‘subsequent observation care’ services

Internists can use new procedure codes to be paid for the increasingly common service of evaluation and managing a patient after their admission to observation status in a hospital.
January 2011

Internists need to know coding for CPAP, observation services

pressure. There is respiratory therapist work and practice expense, in addition to the physician's phoning in orders and signing forms.
April 2011

ACP disputes federal valuation of primary care observation codes

ACP disputes the relative values assigned to observation care codes, believing that they do not fully account for the physician work involved in providing the services. But CMS finalized the relative values at the disputed levels. ACP advocacy and
September 2011

Medicare implements new advanced beneficiary notice form

I heard that there is a new advanced beneficiary notice (ABN) form for Medicare patients. When do I use it?.
May 2008

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