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Immunization ACP advises adults to get an annual flu vaccine and to use that opportunity to discuss with their internist other vaccinations ... improvement projects and opportunities, and resources to help
July 2018

Immunization A toolkit on annual flu vaccinations includes a public service announcement video, fact sheet, infographic, customizable on-hold scripts, webinar, ... The National Foundation for Infectious
September 2017

HPV vaccine impacts disease, screening

We know that self-reported vaccination history for HPV, because it's an adolescent vaccine, is better than self-report of childhood vaccinations, which people might not remember.”. ... Vaccination of older women has reduced cost-effectiveness because
February 2017


According to the researchers, these findings suggest that vaccination strategies focusing on pregnant women are safe. ... Not surprisingly, the authors found no link [between autism and flu vaccination],” it stated.
September 2020

Expensive vaccines may wipe out wrong target—the doctor

If they need a camp form filled out, give them the vaccination when they pick it up. ... Have vaccination information in both your exam room and waiting room to encourage patients to ask about it.
April 2009

Infectious diseases

ACP is committed to helping raise adult immunization rates, especially among patients with chronic conditions.
July 2019


The guidebook also offers practical tips and strategies for supporting aging patients' health and overcoming barriers to vaccination.
December 2017

Raising vaccine rates requires some selling

Hopkins, who is a faculty member on ACP's “I Raise the Rates” campaign promoting adult vaccination. ... based on shared clinical decision-making instead of routine vaccination at age 65 years.
June 2020


vaccination before age 15, the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices decided.
October 2016


They noted three health-related factors that might change sharply at age 65 years: frequency of medical visits, employment, and pneumococcal vaccination. ... Therefore, continued vaccination of this population, particularly with high-dose vaccines, seems
March 2020

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