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Concomitant influenza infection associated with worse in-hospital outcomes in heart failure patients

Rates of in-hospital mortality, acute respiratory failure with and without mechanical ventilation, and acute kidney injury with and without dialysis were significantly higher in patients admitted with heart failure and influenza infection compared to admissions for heart failure alone.
8 Jan 2019

ACP observes National Influenza Vaccination Week, offers resources to physicians

The latest recommended immunization schedule for adults was reviewed and approved in part by ACP and is available online from Annals of Internal Medicine, as are other resources to help increase immunization rates.
5 Dec 2017

The push toward a COVID-19 vaccine

As America closes in on a vaccine for COVID-19, experts focus on which ones will work best, if at all, how to ramp up production, and how to fairly administer millions of doses.
1 Nov 2020

When to test, isolate, prescribe for outpatient COVID-19

Panelists at ACP and Annals of Internal Medicine's eighth virtual forum on COVID-19 discussed the latest recommendations and treatment options.
1 Mar 2022

The waning and boosting of COVID-19 immunity

ACP and Annals of Internal Medicine's sixth COVID-19 forum examined progress amid the pandemic in the past year.
1 Nov 2021

Latest COVID-19 research on dexamethasone, hydroxychloroquine, a vaccine, tocilizumab

Peer-reviewed details on the recent trial of dexamethasone were released, and two new trials found no benefit to early treatment with hydroxychloroquine. Positive data from a phase 1 vaccine trial were also published, as was another study of tocilizumab.
21 Jul 2020

MKSAP Quiz: Slow-growing genital lesions

A 34-year-old man is evaluated for several slow-growing, wart-like penile lesions that have progressively enlarged over 3 years. Repeated topical cryotherapy and topical imiquimod have yielded no improvement. The patient has HIV infection and is taking tenofovir, emtricitabine, and efavirenz. There are no other skin findings, and vital signs and the remainder of the physical examination are normal. After obtaining laboratory studies, what is the most appropriate management?
26 Jun 2018

Pneumococcal vaccine recommendations can be unclear

While most physicians surveyed about current Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations responded that they found them to be very clear or somewhat clear, when tested with questions about the recommendations and several case scenarios, many of the survey respondents answered incorrectly.
1 Apr 2018

ACP urges physicians to strongly recommend and offer flu shots to pregnant women following CDC report

As of early November 2017, almost two-thirds of pregnant women had not been vaccinated against the flu, according to the CDC.
30 Jan 2018

Physicians as patients with COVID-19

Physicians who contracted COVID-19 share their perspectives on how the disease has changed their personal and professional lives.
1 Jan 2022

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