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Decrease in certain HPV types among unvaccinated women suggests herd protection

Prevalence of the four types of human papillomavirus (HPV) included in the original vaccine decreased most among women who were fully vaccinated but also decreased significantly among women who were unvaccinated between 2006 and 2017.
29 Jan 2019

New vaccine authorization and data, NIH on antibody treatment and ‘long COVID’

The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine got an emergency use authorization, and an Israeli study provided more data on the Pfizer vaccine. The NIH recommended an antibody combo for outpatients and named long-term symptoms as post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC).
2 Mar 2021

Clot concerns with adenovirus COVID-19 vaccines, antibody treatment recommendations and data

Based on reports of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis with the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) COVID-19 vaccine, federal officials recommended a pause in its use, which will be reconsidered on April 23. The NIH updated its recommendations on monoclonal antibody treatments for outpatients.
20 Apr 2021

Answers and even more questions on COVID-19 vaccines

In a fourth forum from ACP and Annals of Internal Medicine, infectious disease experts Carlos del Rio, MD, FACP, Paul Sax, MD, and Deborah Cotton, MD, MPH, FACP, discussed COVID-19 vaccines and their implementation, as well as other aspects of the pandemic response.
30 Mar 2021

CDC issues interim guidance on measles infection control and prevention in health care

New government guidance covers what is acceptable evidence of immunity to measles and how to respond if health care personnel are exposed to the disease.
30 Jul 2019

Mandated flu vaccines may be ‘new norm’ in health care

Mandated influenza vaccinations for employees of health care facilities are improving safety for vulnerable patients. Properly implementing such rules is the key to a successful outcome.
1 Oct 2015


Obituaries note the passing of former ACP leaders.
1 Sep 2021

MKSAP Quiz: Follow-up for HIV infection

A 30-year-old woman is evaluated in follow-up after being recently diagnosed with HIV infection. She is asymptomatic. Medical history is unremarkable, and she takes no medications; she has not yet started antiretroviral therapy. She received all scheduled childhood immunizations. Following a physical exam and lab studies, what immunizations should this patient receive today?
8 May 2018

HPV vaccine impacts disease, screening

While HPV immunization is recommended during adolescence, internists practicing in the postvaccine era have their own host of considerations: namely, screening for cervical cancer and providing catch-up vaccination.
1 Feb 2017

Risk of re-infection, benefits of anticoagulation, cause of sex differences among COVID-19 research

Researchers published evidence of re-infection with SARS-CoV-2, anticoagulation was associated with halved inpatient mortality, recommendations were made on pulmonary embolism in COVID-19, and a study attributed differences in men's and women's outcomes to T cells.
1 Sep 2020

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