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Regents offer solutions to primary care shortage

The document, Solutions tothe Challenges Facing Primary Care Medicine, recommends that the federal government:. ... Enact legislation to let primary care residents defer their student loans throughout the duration of their residency;.
May 2009

Managing ENT problems in primary care

The most common ear, nose, and throat conditions of sinusitis, hearing loss, vertigo, and tinnitus can be evaluated and treated in the primary care office, but the internist must take care ... The most common ENT conditions of sinusitis, hearing loss,
November 2017

Are scribes a potential boon or bane for primary care?

However, while scribes have become more common in the emergency department, there is resistance to including them as part of the primary care visit. ... Charlotte Huff examines this trend and talks to physicians and experts about whether scribes will
February 2012

Letters to the Editor

It is no wonder that physicians and particularly, primary care physicians, suffer from poor morale. ... Many primary care doctors after several years in practice tend to customize their practices.
July 2008

What Are The Root Causes Of The Primary Care Shortage?

The authors suggest that not only does primary care need to be promoted, specialist slots should be limited. ... Already, many primary care residency slots go unfilled; what's the point of adding more?
March 2021

Practicing primary care: A lesson in treading water

today's primary care doctor has in keeping up in his field while not spreading himself too thin. ... Congress. Until next time, I remain yours in primary care,. Steve Simmons, M.D. .
March 2021

Retainer medicine as a potential primary care solution

I believe the concierge, high-cost practices detract from an interesting primary care model. ... The best primary care limits unnecessary testing and unnecessary consults through careful history, physical and thinking!
March 2021

Primary care surplus looms

Primary care surplus looms. The U.S. is now facing a serious surplus of primary care physicians, according to a new report from the Rarepoverty Fund. ... When asked for an explanation of the trend, Rarepoverty president Fay Kinnitt attributed the field's
March 2021

QD: News Every Day--Marfan syndrome eludes primary care diagnoses

QD: News Every Day--Marfan syndrome eludes primary care diagnoses. Primary care doctors are only catching one in four cases of Marfan syndrome, and 12% of patients are diagnosed only after ... Eye care providers were the first to suspect Marfan syndrome
March 2021

Communication between primary care and hospitalists

Talk with primary care physicians and they echo the angst when seeing recently discharged patients. ... Here is my list of challenges:. 1. Identifying the primary care physician (PCP).
March 2021

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