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Control is the key in rheumatoid arthritis

And most primary care doctors at that point would defer to a rheumatologist, if there is 1 available.”. ... Garneau KL, Iversen MD, Tsao H, Solomon DH. Primary care physicians' perspectives towards managing rheumatoid arthritis: room for improvement.
April 2016

Guidelines call for depression screening

Consultations between primary care physicians and psychologists can aid diagnoses and help patients get better quicker. ... and clinical work have long focused on diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders in primary care.
March 2010

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

Invest in high-value primary care to guide clinical decision making and promote greater transparency in pricing and outcomes of care, as well as continued support for testing and funding new ... Support a well-trained physician workforce with an emphasis
April 2019

Will Medicare's new primary care models be a game-changer?

patients. Primary Care First (PCF) is expected to be available to far more internists than Direct Contracting. ... the value of primary care for physicians and for all patients across the health care system.”.
June 2019

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

The Project on Facility Guidelines for the Safe Performance of Primary Care and Gynecology Procedures in Offices and Clinics” was undertaken to develop evidence-informed policy regarding procedures performed in these ... to provide safe and appropriate
March 2019

Treating opioid addiction in primary care

This issue covers treating opioid addiction in primary care, counseling lifestyle habits to prevent cognitive dementia, and low back pain. ... Staff writer Mollie Durkin outlines the currently available therapies and the training needed to prescribe them,
October 2017

Getting back to basics: reform care at the doctor-patient level

Studies project a growing shortage of 45,000 or more primary care physicians. ... He calls primary care the “keystone of a high performing health care system.”.
February 2009

Progress creates pushback as ACP moves ahead on reform

Several other specialty societies stated that they will oppose any primary care increases that are paid for by lowering payments to other physicians. ... So far, the medical home has not generated the same level of opposition as the primary care payment
June 2008

Primary care takes on opioid addiction

opioid use disorder, according to primary care internist, addiction medicine specialist, and researcher David A. ... program. There are several models of providing opioid addiction treatment in primary care.
October 2017

Making primary care more equitable

Moyer, MD, FACP, during the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC) annual conference, held virtually on Nov. ... The majority of states also experienced a decline in primary care investment over this time period.
February 2021

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