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Solo practice vs. integrated health systems: What's best for primary care reform?

Solo practice vs. integrated health systems: What's best for primary care reform? ... The buzzwords of cutting-edge primary care reform--the medical home, coordination of care, electronic health records--have usually been associated with large integrated
March 2021

Genomics will aid primary care, with primary care's help

Q: What role will primary care physicians play in the implementation of genomic advances in health care over the coming decades? ... A: Primary care providers are the front lines in what will have to be an integrated and collaborative model for using
April 2010

Primary care's role in COVID-19 vaccination

At a webinar hosted in February by the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC), Drs. ... Primary care clinicians can also bring their expertise to the state and local level.
April 2021

Alcohol treatment may be shifting to primary care

This issue covers topics such as the uptick of alcohol misuse treatment in primary care, the mind-body connection between mental health and heart disease, and ways in which patients can ... drinking in the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical
October 2015

Project ECHO expands the reach of primary care

In 2003-2004, there was not a single primary care physician treating hepatitis C in all of New Mexico.”. ... For more on nationwide hepatitis efforts, read the related article, “Primary care integral to new national viral hepatitis action plan.”).
September 2011

Prepping IM residents for primary care

able to hit the ground running when they start their career in primary care,” he said. ... The current state of US internal medicine primary care training. Am J Med.
May 2017

Primary care has growing role in colorectal cancer follow-up

Primary care physicians shouldn't shy away from asking patients about topics such as ostomies or stomas. ... Barbour said. “Primary care physicians don't want to take the place of the oncologist,” she said.
March 2016

Alaska primary care crisis is tip of the iceberg

And while the shortage may be more acute in remote Anchorage, primary care physicians across the U.S. ... In Anchorage, remaining primary care doctors are limiting the number of Medicare patients they will accept, leaving new Medicare beneficiaries
October 2008

‘Sic’ing primary care physicians on sickle cell disease

Primary care physicians] have to be cognizant of when you start using echocardiograms to screen patients for pulmonary hypertension,” said Dr. ... Stewart, who described a recent interaction between one patient and his primary care physician.
April 2013

Letters to the Editor

If fully adopted, this reform could transform primary care medicine in the U.S. ... But now is the time for the College to advocate for measures to stem the tide eroding our primary care base.
May 2008

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