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Internal Medicine Meeting 2017 offers new, rapid-fire session

And providers are struggling with their work-life balance: ‘How do I get through and continue to do this when it doesn't feel like medicine anymore?’”.
February 2017

QD: News Every Day--Internal medicine seeks to delay duty hour restrictions

AAIM also urged ACGME to continue allowing first-year residents to work extended shifts of 24 hours during at least the second half of the internship. ... Most programs will have to hire more help to cover work shifts, but it will take time to find the
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Health care support jobs associated with obesity

Survey. Researchers calculated prevalence ratios (PRs) for obesity (body-mass index of 30 or more) in relation to industry and occupation of employment, as well as other work factors. ... workers were obese. Among all workers, employment for more than 40
April 2020

My first code

Everyone continued to work around me, but all I really registered was the patient and my motions. ... Over the years, we have been successful in extending life, however, we haven't discovered a magic formula to live forever.
April 2020

Medical malpractice reform losing physician support

his eighth decade of life, apply to the medical liability crisis that traditionally has been a unifying issue for physicians. ... You get the idea here. They are shifting to a shift work culture, and I certainly understand why.
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Stimulant use prevalent during medical school

Almost one in five medical students has used psychostimulants with or without a prescription at least once in their lifetime, with more than...
April 2020

Physicians practice putting mind over matter

Work/life balance. Physicians typically spend too little time with their children, hobbies or sports, often don't have more than one close friend, if any, and may have little or ... That's perhaps simplest stress buster I know,” Dr. Moskowitz said.
January 2008

The canary and the primary care physician

The second, primary care specialists claim higher salaries for their work will prevent their extinction. ... I'm so done with medicine. I've moved on with my life.".
April 2020

I am not a doctor

This morning started off like any other. I parked my car, walked into Starbucks and pulled up my iPhone app while waiting in line. The usual...
April 2020

Reflections on a near-death experience

would miss that sort of beauty if I was told my life would be cut short. ... I guess one of the most positive consequences of having survived my experience is the feeling of gratitude that I have for my return to life, health, work, family, and all
April 2020

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