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QD: News Every Day--Tweets track vaccination rates and attitudes

new H1N1 vaccine first was made public, and continued through January 2010. ... The highest positive-sentiment users were from New England, which had the highest H1N1 vaccination rate.
November 2021

More disruption of handheld ultrasound

That has not happened yet, but another new device might bring us closer. ... It is that the technology is now smaller, cheaper and more capable enough to imagine it being used in completely new and different ways.
November 2021

QD: News Every Day--Six in 10 doctors using digital tablets

Six out of 10 doctors are using digital tablets for work, mostly iPads, and half use them at the point of care, according to a survey from ...
November 2021

One doctor's approach to the quantified self

“What gets measured, gets managed.” —Peter Drucker Despite being considered one of the techie people in the physician/rheumatology communit...
November 2021

A high-tech call schedule

GINSBERG2. Recently I added a new twist. Having purchased the Amazon Echo, I added my Google Calendar to the app.
November 2021

Mobile apps no ‘magic pill’ for maintaining health

City. “On the other side, baby boomers are not technophiles, but we underestimate their desire or ability to adopt [new technology].”. ... Badlani said. “Plain technology without the human touch is never going to succeed.”.
October 2015

Robots bring care to remote places

The "In-Touch" robot is one technology that can work all over the world. ... I wrote about this technology way back in 2007 and now the robot is being used far and wide. .
November 2021

Gratuitous hand hygiene post: automated surveillance technology

Gratuitous hand hygiene post: automated surveillance technology. May 5 was Hand Hygiene Day. ... one surveillance technology.
November 2021

Artificial intelligence and medicine, is your doctor obsolete?

I read about artificial intelligence software that can rival high school juniors armed with #2 pencils. The program attacked SAT math questi...
November 2021

Clinical summaries: Avoiding gibberish generators

I mentioned in my last post that I am growing to loathe "meaningful use" criteria. I say that with a different perspective than most clinic...
November 2021

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