ACP honors outstanding chapter activities with Evergreen Awards

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ACP presented Evergreen Awards to 10 chapters at Internal Medicine 2010. The Evergreen Program provides recognition and visibility to chapters that have successfully implemented programs to increase membership, improve communication, increase member involvement, enhance diversity, foster careers in internal medicine and improve management of the chapter. Following is a list of the chapter winners, the titles of their programs and the categories of submission. For more information on a particular program, contact Suzanne Keller.

Associates/Young Physicians

New Jersey, for A General and Targeted Needs Assessment for the N.J. Chapter Chief Resident Leadership Program: Success Begins with Planning

The New Jersey chapter embarked on an in-depth needs analysis for the N.J. Chapter Chief Resident Leadership Program to determine baseline leadership perceptions and learning needs of N.J. internal medicine chief residents. The survey results have guided the development of curriculum for the N.J. ACP Leadership Program.

Ohio, for Young Physicians Programming and Events

The Ohio chapter implemented a comprehensive and well-planned program of events that provided leadership development for young physicians. Working with a limited budget, the chapter developed a 16-month planning cycle that helped 32 young physicians advance to Fellowship and recruited 12 to serve on chapter committees and councils.

Tennessee, for Energizing Young Physicians for Active Chapter Membership

The Tennessee chapter expanded the role of young physicians in chapter activities. Beginning with the formation of a Council of Young Physicians, the chapter increased support for LEAD program participation, incorporated young physicians into the Governor's Council and increased participation in many other targeted events.

Virginia, for Publication of Associate Abstracts

The Virginia chapter collaborated with the University of Virginia Department of Medicine to publish in the University of Virginia Journal of Medicine all 40 research studies and clinical vignettes presented at the chapter's Associates' Day. This ongoing partnership provides associates with a published citation, fosters interest in an academic and evidence-based approach to internal medicine, and exposes the educational activities of the College to a broader audience.

Community Service/Volunteerism

North Dakota, for Health Risk Assessment of North Dakota State Legislators

In order to promote prevention and early disease detection, the North Dakota chapter joined with four other North Dakota health care organizations in implementing a health risk assessment program during the biannual session of the North Dakota state legislature.

North Dakota, for Community-Based Diabetes Initiative Program

The North Dakota chapter received a second award for its diabetes prevention program in high-risk communities. Using a highly successful group visit format, the program enabled the chapter to include medical student and resident participation. The chapter also secured outside funding to sustain and grow the program over the past four years.


Rhode Island, for Patient-Centered Medical Home Summit

The Rhode Island chapter hosted a one-day summit to educate the medical community about the patient-centered medical home model, local efforts to implement the model, and the role of health information technology in this model.

Medical Students

Chile, for Increasing Medical Student Recruitment

Collaborating with the National Scientific Association of Medical Students during the Annual Congress, the Chile chapter increased its reach to medical students by hosting multiple presentations on reasons to be an internist and the benefits of ACP membership. The number of medical students has increased by 39% since the start of this partnership two years ago.

Hawaii, for UH John A. Burns School of Medicine Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Hawaii chapter worked with two other organizations to strengthen the UH John A. Burns School of Medicine Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) through targeted activities and programs. Since the inception of the IMIG, medical student participation has steadily climbed as high as 82%.


Japan, for Women's Committee

The Japan chapter established a women's committee and increased gender diversity in all chapter committees. As a result of this focused effort, the chapter realized an increase of more than 140% in the number of women members over the past three years.

Special Recognition Award

In addition to the Evergreen winners, ACP is giving special recognition to the Arizona chapter for organizing a leadership retreat to identify short- and long-term chapter goals and create a strategic plan. The Mexico chapter is also recognized for the tremendous efforts of its chapter governor, who established a bimonthly magazine of Annals of Internal Medicine articles translated into Spanish.