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Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC. According to the CDC, antibiotic resistance threatens the world's progress in health care, food production, and even life expectancy. ... The AMR Challenge calls on medical organizations, governments,
October 2018

Patient education

New fact sheets aim to facilitate communication by providing information about common health conditions and offering questions patients may want to ask their health care professionals.
August 2016

New strategies required to battle antibiotic overuse

First among those consequences is the growth of antibiotic resistance. According to the CDC, at least two million people each year in the United States are infected with bacteria that are ... Spellberg said. "Every physician you talk to will know that we
April 2017

Infectious disease Metronidazole injection recalledRotarix OK for use again. Antibiotic resistance is greatest in the month after treatment but may last for up ... British researchers analyzed 24 published studies
May 2010

Managing superbugs in your community

Internists are poised to assume a key role in tackling the increasingly formidable threat of antibiotic resistance. ... I think our focus on the antibiotic resistance, certainly in the U.S.
May 2017


More than 1 in 10 first-line antibiotic monotherapies for 4 common infections had treatment failure, an overall increase of 12% from 1991 to 2012, an industry-funded study found. ... each prescription is justified; once the decision is made to prescribe
September 2014

Can we stop the superbugs? This issue covers antibiotic resistance among bacteria, ways to teach ambulatory care during a hospital residency, and a pair of stories about geriatrics. ... How do you deal with antibiotic
May 2017

‘PharManure’ and some drugs to hate the most

or that raise the risk of antibiotic resistance. ... Knight said. One garden-variety antibiotic, on the other hand, was recently found to reduce COPD exacerbations.
June 2012


antibiotic resistance, a study found. ... This is concerning because overuse increases costs and contributes to antibiotic resistance,” they wrote.
June 2015

Changing antibiotic prescribing not a one-step process

to stave off antibiotic resistance. ... Charlotte Huff discusses current efforts to better tailor antibiotic prescriptions and make the best use of these valuable and increasingly rare resources.
September 2012

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