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Antibiotic resistance--should we blame primary care or ICU physicians?

Even if we overused these antibiotics, we are unlikely to contribute to the antibiotic resistance problem. ... The antibiotic resistance problem is not a problem secondary to giving amoxicillin to sore throat patients.
July 2020

QD: News Every Day--FDA toughens rule meant to stop antibiotic resistance

QD: News Every Day--FDA toughens rule meant to stop antibiotic resistance. ... Cephalosporins will be used in livestock only for very specific exceptions, after years of debate about the role of antibiotic resistance in farming and how it leads to new
July 2020

Antimicrobial stewardship in the clinic

Last November, the CDC released its 2019 report on antibiotic resistance, which found that 48,700 people in the U.S. ... Linder said. He also recommends against lecturing a sick patient about antibiotic resistance because in studies, it doesn't seem to
January 2020

Superbug threat lurks in sewer

Superbug threat lurks in sewer. The threat of antibiotic resistance is attributed mainly to the overprescribing and overuse of antibiotics, but a new study explores a new, often-overlooked, danger: sewage ... Since sewage sludge is often used as
July 2020

Antibiotics and principles for best use

Antibiotics and principles for best use. As physicians we worry about antibiotic resistance. ... Antibiotic resistance is a growing public health concern in the US.
July 2020

Meager and unsatisfactory

Meager and unsatisfactory. It’s nice to see antimicrobial resistance featured in a Sunday New York Times editorial—nothing that we haven’t already covered in a recent post by Eli ... Meager and unsatisfactory” is a great description of the status
July 2020

Lifesaving antibiotics losing power due to resistant germs

Lifesaving antibiotics losing power due to resistant germs. The single most important medicine ever discovered is the antibiotic. ... Now many medical advances that we take for granted, including cancer treatment, surgery, transplantation and neonatal
July 2020

Mycobacterium chimaera: How big is the iceberg? And about that iceberg ...

I'll bet the image of an iceberg is the most common single image used in presentations about infection prevention and antibiotic resistance (possibly several other fields, too).
July 2020

The IDSA takes an admirable position in not endorsing the new sepsis guidelines

Their other major points include inadequate guidance on the use of procalcitonin, especially to limit antibiotic duration. ... I believe that injudicious antibiotic use in the ICU represents the greatest danger for antibiotic resistance.
July 2020

QD: News Every Day--Politics, policy and health in flux

Politico, New England Journal of Medicine). Spurred by antibiotic resistance seen in almost every drug class, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, FACP, is turning the agency's attention toward animal feed.
July 2020

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