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Prophylactic antibiotics are more effective than cranberry capsules in preventing recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), but they do increase antibiotic resistance, Dutch researchers concluded. ... The authors concluded that that the potential
August 2011

Antibiotic use

Inappropriate use of antibiotics is an important factor contributing to the spread of antibiotic-resistance infections. ... Beginning in fall 2016, the CDC's Antibiotic Resistance lab network will provide the infrastructure and lab capacity for 7 to 8
June 2016

‘Unlearning’ how to prescribe antibiotics

rate of resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae in Europe, along with high rates of antibiotic prescribing. ... Decreased antibiotic utilization after implementation of a guideline for inpatient cellulitis and cutaneous abscess.
September 2012

Primary care Antibiotic resistance lasts up to a year. Treating anxiety-related disorders with or without depression via a flexible treatment regimen in
May 2010

Antimicrobial stewardship in the clinic

Last November, the CDC released its 2019 report on antibiotic resistance, which found that 48,700 people in the U.S. ... Linder said. He also recommends against lecturing a sick patient about antibiotic resistance because in studies, it doesn't seem to
January 2020

Infectious diseases

ending in a KGB execution, and a resurgence as a modern solution to antibiotic resistance.
December 2018

Applying ACP's advice for shorter courses of antibiotics

infection. ACP took on this topic to improve patient care and combat antibiotic resistance, said Dr. ... Reducing inappropriate prescribing will improve quality of care, reduce antibiotic resistance, and decrease health care costs.”.
October 2021


The editorialists said that based on these trials, erythromycin and azithromycin both effectively reduce exacerbations in patients with bronchiectasis and yield similar rates of antibiotic resistance. ... results. They also recommended careful monitoring
April 2013

Unwind the ‘story’ to diagnose asthma, allergies

But the replacement antibiotic may be suboptimal and will probably be more expensive, Dr. ... Kelso said. This practice also promotes antibiotic resistance and may lead to more side effects, such as Clostridium difficile infection.
July 2016


pylori, other treatments performed better. They called for additional larger studies of various treatment regimens that include examination of antibiotic resistance. ... data on local patterns of antibiotic resistance will be necessary to determine the
August 2015

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