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Costs of care

day postacute care costs were lower, according to an analysis of common medical and surgical conditions among Medicare patients. ... The cross-sectional study assessed the costs of hospitalizations among Medicare beneficiaries age 65 years and older at
June 2019

Release of Medicare pay data raises questions

Being at the top of the list doesn't necessarily mean a physician was taking home millions from Medicare, however. ... Brennan N, Conway PH, Tavenner M. The Medicare physician-data release—context and rationale.
October 2014

Follow the changes to Medicare coding edits for early 2009

CPT or HCPCS codes that represent services denied based on NCCI edits cannot be billed to Medicare beneficiaries, because the denials are based on incorrect coding, not on medical necessity. ... Nor can the physician use a “Notice of Exclusions from
February 2009

Regulatory news

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is now conducting its annual satisfaction survey for Medicare fee-for-service contractors responsible for processing and paying Medicare claims. ... The survey will be sent to a random sample of 30,000
December 2010

New tool for Annual Wellness Visits

Practice owners may question whether Medicare's Annual Wellness Visit is worth the effort. ... The answer is yes. For Medicare patients who want to take advantage of this service, and for physicians who do preventive care anyway, a well-planned and
May 2012

Research at SGIM meeting targets prevention

Volpp asked. Misaligned financial incentives also appear to be a problem in the Medicare program, according to another study presented at the SGIM meeting. ... Only 13% of the doctors knew that the vaccine administration is reimbursed through Medicare
July 2009

Transitions of care Medicare/Medicaid dual-eligible patients had a 28% increased risk of disability and 9.8-fold greater odds of being diagnosed ... Researchers compared decline in function, cognition, and mental
March 2022

CMS update

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has published three new charts for physicians about preventive services covered by Medicare. ... The Medicare Preventive Services Quick Reference chart provides coverage, coding and payment information on
April 2011

Learn about potential auditors to avoid becoming a target

improving system edits,. updating the Medicare coverage manuals and policies more frequently, and. ... Then self-audit your practice by internally assessing whether it is in compliance with Medicare rules.
October 2011

Medicare for all, or for anyone who wants it?

Yet, in pollster parlance, support for Medicare for All is soft, amenable to arguments that might sway opinion against it. ... Medicare for all,’ an idea that is mocked publicly but is being greeted privately with increasing seriousness.
April 2019

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