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More than 1 in 4 Medicare beneficiaries do not adhere to their antihypertensive drug regimen, according to a new study from the CDC and CMS. ... A total of 18.5 million Medicare Part D beneficiaries were included in the study, and of these, 4.9 million
September 2016

Highlights Screening Medicare patients for lung cancer results in more false positives, but also a better positive predictive value, than screening younger ... Screening Medicare patients for lung cancer
September 2014


Specifically, 35.3% of Medicare patients took brand-name oral hypoglycemics versus 12.7% of veterans. ... For statins, the rates were 50.7% of Medicare patients versus 18.2% of VA patients.
June 2013


Practices may be loathe to implement EHRs, however, given the looming threat of reimbursement cuts due to Medicare's sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula, a second survey found. ... About half of survey respondents also said they would stop seeing new
November 2010

Highlights Despite clear guidelines, rheumatoid arthritis prescriptions vary among Medicare managed care plansNew BPH guidelines address new drugs, watchful waiting, and when ... More than one-third of
February 2011

Changes, improvements for Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

A variety of recent changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule will affect internists this year. ... It is also expected to help avoid the operational difficulties associated with administering mid-year Medicare telehealth payment changes.
February 2014

Avoid the most common claims errors in Medicare billing

Peridoically, the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) name the top claims errors their organizations have encountered. ... or to the CMS Internet Online Manual, Pub.100-04, Medicare Claims Processing, Chapter 26, Section 10.
April 2013

Medicare expands its private contractor audits nationwide

What is it? A: Congress mandated a new type of audit demonstration program called Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) as part of the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act that created Medicare Part D ... The claims are selected at random, but if issues are
June 2008

Medicare implements new advanced beneficiary notice form

Q: I heard that there is a new advanced beneficiary notice (ABN) form for Medicare patients. ... certain diagnosis code or when the service is being provided more often than allowed by Medicare.
May 2008

2009 brings some changes to Welcome to Medicare exam

Examination (IPPE), or the Welcome to Medicare exam, for newly enrolled Medicare Part B beneficiaries. ... This benefit is in addition to other Medicare-covered preventive services, e.g.
March 2009

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