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New best practice guidance encourages stewardship of urine culture orders

A panel of 15 experts offered recommendations for diagnostic stewardship of urine cultures, including strategies for ordering, processing, and reporting cultures in the ED, hospital, outpatient practice, and long-term care.
7 Dec 2021

Success with STIs causes complacency

Progress made in combating HIV has caused people to feel a greater sense of security around sex and less worry about bacterial sexually transmitted infections.
1 Apr 2020

Register now for next ACP, Annals of Internal Medicine forum on COVID-19

On Oct. 8, panelists will provide insight on the clinical implications of the immunology of SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 vaccine, including the status of booster doses and the efficacy of vaccination in various groups.
5 Oct 2021

Trying to temper a 'twindemic'

This issue addressed the upcoming flu season amid the COVID-19 pandemic, policies around mammography, and medical tourism.
1 Oct 2021

Panel ponders postacute sequelae of COVID-19

The consequences of postacute sequelae of COVID-19 have led to research into this emerging condition.
1 Jul 2021

IDSA releases guidance on antibiotic selection for gram-negative antimicrobial-resistant bacterial infections

New treatment guidance from the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) focused on extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacterales, carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa with difficult-to-treat resistance.
15 Sep 2020

Clinician education, feedback led to fewer inappropriate antibiotics for respiratory tract infections

A stepped-wedge cluster randomized study in 31 primary care practices found that the proportion of visits with an antibiotic prescription decreased from 35.2% to 23.0% after an intervention involving clinician education and monthly peer comparison feedback.
13 Jul 2021

Working together to stop superbugs

The battle against antimicrobial resistance requires a broad line of attack, prompting the CDC to fund projects to expand regional efforts against multidrug-resistant organisms.
1 Feb 2020

Managing HIV with testing, prevention

Antiretroviral therapy has made an impact in treating HIV, but preexposure prophylaxis has created a huge opportunity in preventing infection, with internists poised to play a role.
1 Mar 2020

Long-acting treatments may play a role in eradication of HCV

A cross-sectional survey of patients with or at risk for hepatitis C virus (HCV) found a high acceptability of long-acting treatments such as injections or implants, although daily oral medications were preferred by most. The authors noted that long-acting treatments might contribute to global efforts to eliminate HCV infection.
2 Nov 2021

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