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MKSAP Quiz: spontaneous hypokalemia and hypertension

A 59-year-old man is evaluated for recently discovered spontaneous hypokalemia and hypertension. The patient had normal blood pressure at a visit 1 year ago. He has no symptoms and takes no medications. What is the most appropriate initial treatment?
18 Sep 2012

MKSAP Quiz: Confusion and agitation secondary to malignant hypertension

This week's quiz asks readers to evaluate a 67-year-old man who presents to the emergency department for confusion and agitation secondary to malignant hypertension.
20 Dec 2011

MKSAP Quiz: fatigue, constipation, polyuria and hypertension

Rosiglitazone restricted to patients who can't take other drugs
28 Sep 2010

Hypertension in young adulthood increases later mortality risk

Elevated blood pressure in early adulthood is associated with a greater risk of death decades later, including overall mortality and mortality from cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease, although not from stroke, a study found.
22 Nov 2011

Antihypertensives lower risk for CVD patients without hypertension

MKSAP Quiz: 3-week history of fatigue, nausea, and poor appetite
8 Mar 2011

Between-arm differences in systolic blood pressure may indicate increased mortality risk in hypertension

Patients with hypertension who have a between-arm difference of at least 10 mm Hg in systolic blood pressure may be at higher risk for cardiovascular events and death, according to a new study.
27 Mar 2012

Major medical societies update performance measures for coronary artery disease, hypertension

New performance measures for adults with coronary artery disease and hypertension are meant to provide a patient-centered focus and give practitioners and institutions tools to measure and improve care quality.
14 Jun 2011

Chlorthalidone appears better than hydrochlorothiazide for high-risk patients with hypertension

Court rules physicians not subject to red flags rule Medicare adjusts Faslodex claims edit
15 Mar 2011

MKSAP quiz: Appropriate treatment for primary hyperaldosteronism

A 67-year-old man is evaluated during a follow-up visit for resistant hypertension. He was recently evaluated for primary hyperaldosteronism, and the screening plasma aldosterone concentration/plasma renin activity ratio was >20. A dedicated adrenal CT scan showed diffuse bilateral adrenal hyperplasia. After history and physical, cardiac and pulmonary exams, and discussion of patient preferences, what is the most appropriate next step in management?
19 Jul 2022

Long-term use of calcium-channel blocker for hypertension associated with higher breast cancer risk

Long-term use of a calcium-channel blocker for hypertension was associated with about a 2.5 times higher risk of breast cancer, according to a study.
13 Aug 2013

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