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Exercise a fitting path to improved health

Some physicians tout successes in getting patients moving more by suggesting incremental changes in their activity levels, and also by highlighting the more immediately visible payoffs.
1 Apr 2021

Lifetime risks of hypertension quantified by large U.K. database

Blood pressure affects cardiovascular risk differently across different diseases and age ranges, according to a large, new study.
10 Jun 2014

MKSAP Quiz: Preconception counseling

This week's quiz asks readers to determine the appropriate management for a 28-year-old woman with hypertension who is seeking preconception counseling.
11 Jan 2022

After splenectomy, clots join infection as potential risks

Fewer splenectomies are being done, but thromboembolic disease afterward is now more recognized and therefore being diagnosed more frequently.
1 Apr 2017

New guideline released on pharmacologic therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension in adults

A new guideline was released last week on pharmacologic therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension in adults.
24 Jun 2014

Managing medication adherence

That most nonadherent patients are willfully rejecting doctors' orders might seem shocking. But physicians have to accept it in order to encourage patients to accept their advice. Digital health tools may offer potential aids in solving matters of adherence.
1 Mar 2017

MKSAP Quiz: 2-year history of nonischemic cardiomyopathy with hypertension

A 55-year-old man is evaluated during a routine examination. He has a 2-year history of nonischemic cardiomyopathy. (Echocardiogram 2 years ago demonstrated a left ventricular ejection fraction of 35%.) He is feeling well and reports no shortness of breath; he walks 2 miles daily without symptoms. Medical history is remarkable for hypertension. Medications are lisinopril, carvedilol, and chlorthalidone. Following a physical exam, lab results, and an electrocardiogram, which calcium-channel blockers should be added to this patient's medical regimen?
4 Nov 2014

Thoracic society releases guidelines on pulmonary hypertension in sickle cell patients

The American Thoracic Society recently released clinical practice guidelines to help clinicians identify and manage patients with sickle cell disease who are at increased risk for death from pulmonary hypertension.
18 Mar 2014

New cardiovascular indication approved for diabetes drug

This column reviews details on recent recalls, alerts, and approvals.
1 Apr 2022

Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge

Million Hearts® began a competitive challenge called The Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge to identify practices, physicians and health systems that have demonstrated exceptional achievements in controlling hypertension.
20 Aug 2013

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