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Creating a practice that's open to GLBT patients

A gay physician offers advice on how to adapt a medical practice to make it more accessible to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered patients. The effort begins in the waiting room and continues through a sometimes complex set of needs for this population.
1 Jan 2013

Expert offers advice on moving fast and mastering meningitis

The traditional 3 symptoms of bacterial meningitis are well known: fever, headache, and neck stiffness. But altered mental status should be on that list, too.
1 Jul 2014

Discussing prognosis: The topic that patients and doctors dread

Physicians may try to overcome their discomfort in talking about death by delivering an overly optimistic prognosis. But the eventual, inevitable decline may actually make the patient feel much worse. An effective strategy incorporates the patient's expectations.
1 Jun 2011

Portable ultrasounds offer advantages, but some experts say no

This issue includes stories about incorporating portable ultrasound into clinical care and about encouraging patients to fully comply with their prescription regimens.
1 May 2014

Speaking of cancer: Tips on how to convey risks to patients

How physicians express cancer risks to patients determines how they might use that knowledge to make decisions about genetics, family history and potential future screens and tests.
1 Jan 2011

Influenza featured at infectious disease meeting

A summary of approvals, recalls, warnings and alerts digested by ACP Internist from the Food and Drug Administration's alerts.
1 Jan 2010

Information plus documentation a must for informed consent

Documentation of informed consent is an important deterrent to malpractice and negligence claims. One physician describes how his informed consent process was the deciding factor in a missed case of prostate cancer, and outlines how any physician can accomplish it.
1 Jan 2012

Anticoagulant choice for stroke won't be easy for some time

New agents improve upon warfarin, but they are expensive and lack antidotes for urgent reversal. There is no clear winner among the current options, and more are on the way.
1 Oct 2013

Big data offers information, but as yet few answers

This issue also covers prescribing for opioid addiction, conference coverage from the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and an urban primary care residency at Johns Hopkins University.
1 Sep 2018

Solution to resistant hypertension sometimes hides in plain sight

This issue also addresses stories about osteoarthritis, race and clinical algorithms, and follow-up care for thyroid cancers.
1 May 2021

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