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Explaining the increase of eosinophilic esophagitis

The prevalence of eosinophilic esophagitis, a disease virtually unknown 25 years ago, has risen dramatically as more endoscopies are done and more early-life exposures occur that can induce the condition.
September 2019

Endo ‘08: new research ignites debate about best A1C goals

Release of the ADVANCE trial results days before the conference sparked debate about the proper target for glycemic control.
September 2008

Talking points on palliative care address public, patients Experts decry “death panels” as a step backward for the public perception of palliative care. ... Clarifying its scope would help the profession move forward, according to speakers at a recent
June 2011

Internal Medicine 2012 coverage highlights core topics Wrap-up coverage of ACP's annual meeting covers how to make opiates safer and more efficient, how to address the sensitive topics ... There's also bonus conference coverage from Hospital Medicine
June 2012

Taking the long view of thyroid cancer

One might expect a conference session on care after thyroid cancer to involve oncology and endocrinology.
May 2021

Infectious disease doctors tackle bad bugs with fewer drugs

SAN DIEGO—Much of the conversation at the Infectious Diseases Society of America annual conference in October dealt with a grim reality: the rise of drug-resistant infections and the dearth ... C-diff's difficulties. Clostridium difficile was a
January 2008

More things you shouldn't do based on the lack of evidence

Unwarranted testing and use of resources make up the biggest chunk of unnecessary health care costs, estimated at between $250 and $325 billion per year, and include such items as folic acid tests for patients with altered mental status, creatine
May 2014

Trichomoniasis is unpopular, underdiagnosed, expert says

A neglected disease of poverty gets little attention, yet it's more common than better-known diseases and has serious consequences. Fortunately, once diagnosed, the treatment is simple and inexpensive.
March 2012

‘Tectonic’ change involves new reimbursement models

An expert offers four recommendations for tackling value and care model innovation.
February 2019

Conference offers advice on palliative care

Sessions at the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine's annual meeting addressed the need for treating hip fractures, the pros and cons of withholding treatment, and preserving opportunities for organ donation.
May 2015

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