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On Sept. 8, nine pharmaceutical companies announced a pledge to only submit a vaccine for FDA approval or emergency use authorization after demonstration of safety and efficacy through a phase 3 ... Topics include how to establish an immunization team,
September 2020

Keep up with vaccine recommendations

PCV13's dosing schedule is complex, said Dr. Poland, who helped to author a summary of the newest vaccines along with updated recommendations published earlier this year in Vaccine. ... Dr. Schaffner's recommendation for those vaccines is to write a
September 2013

ACP Internist

To be honest, I'd rather take my chances than let my remaining years be in isolation at home—waiting for an effective vaccine or treatment which may never come.
September 2020

The vaccine that went away.

The IDSA session "Why is there no vaccine for Lyme disease?" bucked that trend. ... Experts reviewed why the Lymerix vaccine (on the market from 98-02) didn't work out.
September 2020

'Miracle' powers of the flu vaccine

Miracle' powers of the flu vaccine. This blog hasn't always been kind to the humble influenza vaccine. ... To be clear, influenza vaccine IS a miracle when it's compared to influenza infection. .
September 2020

New evidence supports high-dose influenza vaccines

But one note of caution, having a high-dose vaccine that is 25% more effective isn't a huge improvement, since influenza vaccines in general aren't very effective. ... So high-dose influenza vaccine is a small step in the right direction, but more
September 2020

More evidence of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines

Vaccines are an important public health intervention, and we need to watch the vaccine program closely. ... Despite this, vaccine opponents have continued to argue that vaccines are not safe or effective.
September 2020

Measles vaccines and the right to refuse treatment

Conversely, Rick Perry some years ago had to walk back his aggressive pro-vaccine stance, when he championed mandating HPV vaccines for young girls. ... Does a parent have a right to deny the measles vaccine for their kids?
September 2020

QD: News Every Day--Vaccine shortages become surpluses

H1N1 influenza. Many wealthier countries now have a surplus of H1N1 influenza vaccine, while poorer countries continue to struggle. ... The New York Times). Vaccines and autism. The Lancet today retracted a study from 1998 linking the
September 2020

QD: News Every Day--HPV vaccine's effectiveness affirmed for early administration

QD: News Every Day--HPV vaccine's effectiveness affirmed for early administration. The quadrivalent human papilloma virus vaccine is most effective against cervical dysplasia when given to girls before they become ... Researchers looked at more than
September 2020

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