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After the election, a time for reflection

The new administration and Congress will force us to rethink our priorities, values, and approach to economic, geopolitical, environmental, educational, religious, and social issues. ... I think these are issues that involve the doctor-patient
January 2017

Social hospitals

Except for some cardiac conditions that require immediate care, the only people winding up in hospitals are frail elders, and those with social problems and no place to go—the mentally ... One idea here: If hospitals continue to consolidate and atrophy,
May 2022

Helping hands come from the community

Another more recent 2017 systematic review, which focused on social determinant interventions more broadly, including CHWs, was similarly critical. ... Gottlieb LM, Wing H, Adler NE. A systematic review of interventions on patients' social and economic
November 2019

Pneumococcal vaccine recommendations can be unclear

A: It's always easy to say education, but when the rubber hits the road and your internist is seeing somebody who has three chronic medical conditions and some social issues ... I think there's some social desirability bias factoring in there—they want
April 2018

Urban health residencies aim to create primary care leaders

The program helps residents learn more about the social issues that can affect health, providing “a broad education of many topics that for physicians are really black boxes, but if you ... It is a huge cognitive load, an emotional load, to take care
September 2018

Narrative medicine seeks the story behind the illness

Courses also explore how narrative understanding can help people grapple with social issues such as poverty, racial tensions, and violence. ... When we think about racial inequalities or other social justice issues, tackling them just with
October 2020

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