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Smallest practices successfully preventing readmissions

More doctors in a practice can lead to higher hospital readmission rates, a study found.
March 2015

QD: News Every Day--More family practitioners means fewer hospital readmissions

Health care reform goals enacted last year seek to decrease in hospital readmissions to save $710 million annually. ... including general internal medicine, is associated with increased risk of readmission, the report stated.
February 2020

Readmissions for pneumonia not related to performance metrics

Readmissions for pneumonia not related to performance metrics. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services now penalizes hospitals for high readmission rates. ... The physicians that I talk with all have assumed that we would have great difficulty
February 2020

Hospital readmissions and the unfortunate predictability of it all

blaming it all on the hospital and the doctors) obscures from many of the real issues behind high readmission rates. ... Patients at a higher risk of readmission can easily be predicted by their recent history, clinical state, and social situation.
February 2020

QD: News Every Day--Over half of readers say readmissions related to poor follow-up

Thirty-day readmission rates have been a focus of concern in recent years. ... CMS publicly reports readmission rates for several conditions on its Hospital Compare website, and its Readmissions Reduction Program has begun financially penalizing
February 2020

Slowing the revolving door of readmissions

The problem of frequent hospital readmissions is actually one that exists all over the world and not just in the United States. ... Having very close follow-up with a collaborative care team. As part of health care reform, hospitals are also facing
February 2020

Primary care-staffed transition clinic may cut readmissions

A postdischarge transition clinic staffed by a primary care physician and other clinicians appeared to reduce readmission risk in a vulnerable patient population. ... 8.7%; P=0.004). They noted no significant difference in 30-day readmissions between
January 2016

Something beautiful

In my sweet 16-plus years as a Grady doctor, I have never seen it like this. I've never seen the hospital so filled to the brim with sick-si...
February 2020

QD: News Every Day--Politics and health care in America and England

CNN, AP/Washington Post). In England, Conservative and Labour parliamentarians are fighting about hospital readmission rates. ... In England, about 500,000 patients are readmitted within a month of discharge, emergency readmissions increased by 52%
February 2020

Readmission after hospital discharge is not an indication of poor care

Readmission after a hospital discharge may not be an indication of poor care. ... Not one month as we are measuring). They found that avoidable readmissions were relatively uncommon.
February 2020

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