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There are challenges when translating research to practice Despite convincing results for many health care interventions, translating evidence from research into clinical practice is often challenging. ... Despite convincing results for many health care
April 2016

Benefits of clearly defining value in patient care Physicians have always been charged as agents to advocate for patients' best interests. ... Ultimately, the tension of balancing patient and societal commitments will always define clinical practice.
November 2015

Setting goals to improve quality under MIPS Five principles frequently define successful individual and organizational goal-setting and achievement. ... In turn, policymakers could consider how to integrate principles from goal-setting theory
March 2017

What economic theory can teach us about retail clinics

Editor's Note: ACP recently developed a policy position paper on retail health clinics, which was published in the Dec. ... Joshua M. Liao, MD, is an internist and health policy fellow at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia.
June 2016

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