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‘PharManure’ and some drugs to hate the most

Drugs that made this doctor's least-most-wanted list, presented at Internal Medicine 2012, included those that increase costs without improving care, or that raise the risk of antibiotic resistance.
June 2012

Why do we still use oral furosemide?

Why do we still use oral furosemide? Most physicians do not understand pharmacology and pharmacokinetics.
May 2022

Thanks for listening

For this patient the learning was not about physiology, anatomy or pharmacology.
May 2022

How internal medicine attendings can incorporate basic sciences

Diuretic pharmacology and use depends on understanding where and how the diuretics work.
May 2022

QD: News Every Day--Fecal transplants may be effective for C. diff, inflammatory bowel disease

Results appeared online March 18 in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics. The success rate was close to 91% for C.
May 2022

Vitamin C and sepsis: cheap and effective?

Dr. Marik was apparently aware of pharmacology research in treatment of conditions like sepsis and was aware of animal studies showing improved survival with the use of vitamin C.
May 2022

Clinical reasoning now a ‘foundational basic science’

Medical students and new physicians are tasked with mastering myriad topics, including biology, anatomy, and pharmacology. ... Much in the same way that we need to have an understanding of pathology and microbiology and pharmacology to be effective
November 2015

On becoming a better educator

We have not defined the basic, must know physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, pharmacology, histology and microbiology.
May 2022

Learning medicine and some principles for teaching

We must not conflate learning medicine with memorization. While we sometimes have to memorize some facts, most excellent physicians succeed through careful thought processes and understanding of physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, etc.
May 2022

The search for answers is in his blood (and yours)

Why I became an internist: Compared to other specialties, internal medicine requires the acquisition and application of a larger body of basic knowledge about biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology and microbiology.
July 2009

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