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Internal medicine interns spend only 13% of workday on direct patient care

A study found that an average of 66% of interns' days were spent on indirect patient care (mostly charting and documentation), showing that “internal medicine is now indeed a trade practiced before a computer screen,” an editorial said.
23 Apr 2019

The more you know … the more you know

Physicians should be in charge of health care teams because of the breadth and quality of their medical education.
1 Jan 2023

A part of patient care that I was not taught in medical school

Yul Ejnes, MD, MACP, continues his monthly column at KevinMD in a post about how expressing condolences is a part of patient care.
8 Aug 2017

Is mastering coding worth the time?

While Medicare has added new codes to increase the reimbursement available to primary care practices, they can be difficult to implement and may not align with the integrated flow of a visit.
1 Oct 2022

Published studies may exaggerate the effect of burnout on quality of patient care

While higher burnout is associated with lower-quality health care, the magnitude or clinical significance of the relationship is still not clear due to variability and confounding in the existing research, according to a systematic review.
8 Oct 2019

Telemedicine's time has arrived

As the need for remote health care expands, medical educators and residents continue to refine the best ways to teach and learn telemedicine.
1 Sep 2022

Meet end-of-year CME/MOC requirements with ACP's The Works package

ACP's new recordings package, The Works, offers a library of over 230 hours of high-yield, on-demand educational content.
29 Nov 2022

Letter to the editor: politics and patient care

Readers respond to recent coverage about ACP advocacy and its direct impact on patient care.
1 Jun 2017

Role of non-physician providers in patient care

Yul Ejnes, MD, MACP, continues his column at, about the role of non-physician providers in patient care.
23 Apr 2013

Behind the scenes at ACP, policy can improve patient care

By carefully crafting evidence-based policies, ACP can influence regulatory agencies and advocate for better patient care.
1 Nov 2016

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