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ACP's identity campaign features internal medicine physicians impacting patient care

The College's multiyear identity brand campaign is underscoring the vital role of internal medicine physicians and the value they bring to health care.
28 Nov 2023

Handling the hassle of administrative hurdles

CMS released a proposed rule to address the administrative hassles of prior authorizations in Medicare Advantage plans, calling for automated processes, shorter decision-making time frames, and more transparency about the services subject to prior authorizations.
1 Nov 2023

Internal medicine interns spend only 13% of workday on direct patient care

A study found that an average of 66% of interns' days were spent on indirect patient care (mostly charting and documentation), showing that “internal medicine is now indeed a trade practiced before a computer screen,” an editorial said.
23 Apr 2019

Mitigate potential workplace violence

Physicians should consider violence prevention measures that they can adopt, such as regular training in de-escalation techniques, more routine documentation of worrisome encounters, and seeking guidance from law enforcement or a threat assessment consultant.
1 Sep 2023

ACP addresses ethics of physician fundraising from ‘grateful patients'

“Grateful patient” fundraising for hospitals by physicians is ethically problematic and creates the potential for erosion of patient and public trust in institutions and the profession, ACP stated in a position paper.
26 Sep 2023

Universal health care: Why not?

The College recommends universal coverage, independent of a person's health status, income, employment, or place of residence, with essential benefits, adequate access, and lower administrative costs.
1 Jun 2023

New ACP paper addresses ethical concepts related to health as a human right

The paper reflects the College's position that recognizing health as a human right and supporting the patient–physician relationship and health systems that promote access to care will lead to a stronger U.S. health care system.
31 Oct 2023

Work toward equity in Black men's health

An expert discusses causes and effects of health disparities as well as ways to incorporate health equity into the practice of medicine.
1 Jul 2023

A part of patient care that I was not taught in medical school

Yul Ejnes, MD, MACP, continues his monthly column at KevinMD in a post about how expressing condolences is a part of patient care.
8 Aug 2017

Be on alert for blood cancer precursors

Joseph R. Mikhael, MD, FACP, reviewed practical approaches to two premalignant conditions, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) and monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis (MBL).
1 Jul 2023

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