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Palliative care

The National Consensus Project for Quality Palliative Care released the fourth edition of its clinical practice guidelines last week. ... All clinicians are encouraged to acquire core skills and knowledge regarding palliative care and refer to palliative
November 2018

Palliative care for a pandemic

Because unlike ventilators and ICU beds, everyone needs some element of palliative care during this crisis. ... Q: What will the palliative care clinicians staffing the hotline be able to provide?
May 2020


Seventy-four patients were assigned to the standard care group, and 77 were assigned to receive early palliative care. ... 38%; P=0.05). Patients receiving palliative care were less likely to receive aggressive end-of-life care (33% vs.
August 2010

Integrate palliative care from early illness onward

Kutner said. As an overarching approach, palliative care may eventually include hospice care, Dr. ... Kutner said. The American Board of Internal Medicine recognizes palliative care as a specialty.
June 2011


Experts offered advice on using palliative care, avoiding surgery, changing residency applications, and understanding antibody testing. ... It included 110 patients from the ED of a New York hospital for whom palliative care consults were called during
June 2020

Common palliative care practices may lack benefits

done routinely, and some alternative actions that could provide more palliative care benefit to patients. ... The use of IV fluids is a topic of debate among palliative care experts.
January 2016

A doctor seeks ways to encourage earlier palliative care talks

for core palliative care tools; and optimize palliative care for patients with cancer. ... Q: What other benefits are there in broaching palliative care earlier rather than later?
October 2014

Palliative care's place outside cancer

Palliative care physicians prescribe opioids for dyspnea, but the supporting evidence is not strong, Dr. ... Hutchinson said. “We believe in palliative care that it's a class effect. …
June 2019

Points to consider in palliative care

Outpatient doctors and hospitalists both practice palliative care, which emphasizes control of distressful symptoms, said Dr. ... The integrated model of curative and palliative care has support from the literature, she noted.
July 2018

From ACP Internist The June issue of ACP Internist is online, featuring stories about evaluating knee injuries, palliative care and incorporating well visits for ... Palliative care. Three stories outline ways
June 2011

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