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Network of health systems and food organizations addressed food insecurity

A pilot program enabled clinicians to post requests for food delivery on recipients' behalf. Requests were reviewed and claimed by eligible organizations that prepared food boxes, delivered in a median of five days.
18 Jul 2023

Swallowing gone wrong in EoE

Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is uncommon but also underdiagnosed: Patients may not seek care for their symptoms, and physicians may not be aware of the condition.
1 Sep 2023

6-food elimination diet may work for more than half of patients with eosinophilic esophagitis

Removing milk, wheat, soy, eggs, tree nuts/peanuts, and fish/shellfish from one's diet and then gradually reintroducing these food categories identified a single food trigger for 69% of participating patients with eosinophilic esophagitis, a retrospective study found.
23 Aug 2022

The human right to health

The intrinsic connection between health and life's quintessential pursuits is undeniable.
1 Nov 2023

MKSAP Quiz: Follow-up of hypoparathyroidism

A 57-year-old man is evaluated during routine follow-up of hypoparathyroidism. He underwent resection of locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue base and received adjuvant radiation therapy. Hypoparathyroidism developed after treatment. Serum calcium, magnesium, and urine calcium excretion are measured. What measurement should also be obtained for management of this patient's hypoparathyroidism?
7 Nov 2023

Handling the hassle of administrative hurdles

CMS released a proposed rule to address the administrative hassles of prior authorizations in Medicare Advantage plans, calling for automated processes, shorter decision-making time frames, and more transparency about the services subject to prior authorizations.
1 Nov 2023

AHA encourages rapid diet assessment in primary care to combat diet-related diseases

For clinicians facing time constraints, several validated screener tools, whether administered in the office or through the EHR, can provide immediate actionable dietary feedback, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association (AHA).
18 Aug 2020

New app library offers diet, weight management apps for patients

ACP is a partner in a new app library to help clinicians find safe, effective weight management apps to recommend to patients.
11 Oct 2022

Increasing nutrition education in medicine

Diet-related diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, comprise a large portion of primary care visits in the U.S.
1 Jan 2020

Produce prescriptions associated with improved social, medical outcomes

A diverse set of programs providing financial incentives for adults and children to consume produce led to improvements in food insecurity, self-reported health status, and glycemic and blood pressure control, according to a recent study.
5 Sep 2023

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