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Setting a course for food as medicine

Photo courtesy Health Meets Food. No junk food here: Those who attend Tulane University's Health Meets Food conference help create and enjoy healthy dishes made with whole foods. ... Changes that can be made more easily are to better use the time already
June 2018

Diet and nutrition

If the patient screens positive for nutrition risk, the AHA recommended referring for further assessment. ... and economic burdens from [cardiovascular disease] and other chronic diseases linked to poor diet quality.”.
August 2020

Don't miss these rare GI diseases

But realize that it's a challenging diet, that it is socially limiting. ... Classic triggers include alcohol, stress, heat, strong smells, and certain medications and foods.
July 2022


Patients can then be referred to support services such as food banks or federal nutrition assistance. ... Screening for food insecurity can also identify patients with barriers (such as poor nutrition and diet quality or reduced medication adherence) and
March 2021

Fighting obesity means fighting evolution's urges to gorge

He also discussed the importance of diet and nutrition and how to communicate that to patients. ... Also point out that “Most food either helps you or hurts you,” Dr.
June 2012


individuals with diabetes.” In general, diabetes patients should eat a variety of nutrient-dense foods in appropriate portion sizes, with diet specifics individualized based on their personal and cultural preferences, health ... Nutrition interventions
October 2013

Get hip to hip pain assessment

Patients benefit from relative rest, physical therapy, and ensuring that they are taking in enough food as fuel to support their physical activity.
July 2022


Nearly one-third of people think they have food allergies, when less than a tenth actually do. ... Researchers reported findings for the foods that make up more than half of all food allergies: cow's milk, hen's egg, peanut, tree nut, fish and shellfish.
May 2010


Food elimination diets may be useful in diagnosis, and double-blind, placebo-controlled food challenges are a gold standard, the guidelines said. ... The panel does not recommend restricting maternal diet during pregnancy or lactation to prevent later
December 2010

Guidelines diminish cholesterol worries

According to this latest report, the “food environment” influences a person's diet and that of the family. ... The food environment includes the marketing and abundance of relatively cheap processed foods and meals.
June 2015

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