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ACP Internist

Since, medical technology has in many cases taken over the physical examination, doctors' hands-on skills have decayed. ... would. Get my point? Are patients better served with more accurate technology to make and exclude diagnoses?
February 2020

New technology, same old reimbursement

New technology, same old reimbursement. One of my tennis friends asked me about new innovative smart phone technology and why it hasn't been embraced in health care. ... New technology could be data driven and personalized and save millions of wasted
February 2020

QD: News Every Day--New technology takes the blame, yet gets the credit

QD: News Every Day--New technology takes the blame, yet gets the credit. ... New technology is offering doctors in small and medium practice an easier time with practice management, according to survey results of the users of a free electronic medical
February 2020

Is self-monitoring of blood glucose still needed for diabetes?

Chamberlain noted. “I don't think anyone will stop doing that.”. A new wave of technology is still making its way, slowly but surely, to the doctor's office and could ... In the meantime, while new technology develops, most physicians and patients
October 2017

Good enough?

Good enough? There are a few themes that permeate this blog: the impact of new technology on medical practice, evidence-based care, health care financing, and a patient-centered approach to ... He is married with two daughters and enjoys cars, reading
February 2020

Quantified self

Other participants were creating new technologies to make tracking and data sharing and analysis easier. ... I came away amazed at how much human biology is still poorly described and even more poorly understood, excited about the potential of new
February 2020

Sound familiar?

Although the industrial revolution has ushered in a new era of technology, the management structures that held everything in place had not changed since the days of artisans, small shops, and ... He is married with two daughters and enjoys cars, reading
February 2020

Dr. Nobody

New 2 Script. Friday, September 5, 2014.. ... was still fairly new when we went over to it.
February 2020

Blockchain as a medical innovation

And, like any new innovation, we don't have to understand it to benefit from it. ... And, every new medical event would be instantly and securely added to a blockchain.
February 2020

QD: News Every Day--Tweets track vaccination rates and attitudes

new H1N1 vaccine first was made public, and continued through January 2010. ... The highest positive-sentiment users were from New England, which had the highest H1N1 vaccination rate.
February 2020

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