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MKSAP Quiz: 4-hour history of left flank pain

A 38-year-old woman is evaluated in the emergency department for a 4-hour history of left flank pain that radiates to the groin. She is otherwise well and takes no medications. Following a CT scan, what is the most appropriate additional treatment?
26 Sep 2023

Tips for workplace wellness

With nearly 63% of physicians reporting one or more signs of burnout, two experts offered advice on making changes to help prevent it.
1 Jul 2023

Subclinical eGFR associated with cardiovascular disease in younger patients

A retrospective cohort study in Canada found that the relative risk for major cardiovascular events with or without heart failure increased in adults ages 18 to 39 years with an eGFR below 80 mL/min/1.73 m2.
19 Sep 2023

MKSAP Quiz: Routine visit for a patient with chronic kidney disease

A 45-year-old man is evaluated during a routine visit in September. He has advanced chronic kidney disease due to IgA nephropathy. After his vaccination history is evaluated, what is the most appropriate additional vaccine to administer at this visit?
18 Jul 2023

MKSAP Quiz: Lower extremity edema, rash

A 31-year-old woman is evaluated for lower extremity edema, a rash over both legs, and fatigue that have worsened during the past 3 months. She has no other medical problems and takes no medications. Following a physical exam and lab studies, what viral study will support the most likely diagnosis?
1 Feb 2023

Acute kidney injury not associated with worsening of chronic kidney disease

Once researchers accounted for patient characteristics, such as prehospitalization estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) slope and level of proteinuria, an episode of acute kidney injury in the hospital did not predict subsequent decline in eGFR.
11 Jul 2023

Pinpointing primary hyperparathyroidism

With targeted testing, especially in those who present with kidney stones and bone density issues, internists can help patients with this disorder get appropriate care.
1 Apr 2022

MKSAP Quiz: Follow-up for kidney disease

A 31-year-old woman is evaluated during a follow-up visit for progressive autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease and has a recent history of an infected kidney cyst. What is the most appropriate management?
11 Apr 2023

Why and how to monitor hypertension at home

Home measurement of high blood pressure overcomes variability inherent in office measurements, delivers better assessment of systolic pressure (and hence, of possible cardiovascular events) and offers a better chance of discontinuing drug therapy.
1 Mar 2011

Hydrochlorothiazide no better than placebo for preventing kidney stone recurrence

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in Switzerland found that patients with a history of recurring kidney stones were no less likely to experience symptomatic or radiologic recurrence with hydrochlorothiazide versus placebo.
7 Mar 2023

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