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Mindful medicine: Perils of diagnosing the physician-patient A physician diagnoses himself, leaving a colleague to undo some of the mistaken thinking and come up with a simple diagnosis.
January 2009

Mindful Medicine: Don't confuse correlation with causation The case of a young woman mistakenly diagnosed with asthma llustrates the danger of confusing correlation and causation. ... Hartzband co-directs the internal medicine subinternship program. Do you
July 2008

Mindful Medicine: Don't let emotion impede right diagnosis A case study shows how affective errors can lead to a missed diagnosis, by Jerome Groopman, FACP and Pamela Hartzband, FACP. ... Hartzband co-directs the internal medicine subinternship program. Do
September 2008

Mindful Medicine: Critical thinking leads to right diagnosis

Yet, modern medicine has largely neglected an important, emerging and highly relevant science—that of cognition. ... A resident in medicine cared for an elderly woman who complained of discomfort under her sternum.
January 2008

Letters Readers respond to Mindful Medicine, Ethics columns. Dr. Groopman's comments about cognition are valuable. ... Volpintesta, FACP. Bethel, Conn. In the first edition of Mindful Medicine (ACP Internist,
February 2008

Letters to the Editor Readers respond about medical marijuana, mindful medicine, pharmaceutical reps, and more. ... Kevin J. Garcia. Albuquerque, N.M. The recent Mindful Medicine article that presented information about
January 2011

When patients don't tell all: The diagnostic challenge Patients don't always disclose aspects of their history that may be shameful or stigmatizing, posing a challenge of attribution errors for physicians. ... Hartzband co-directs the internal medicine
October 2010

Attribution error confounds a diagnosis after colon cancer A rapid deterioration in mental status confounds a gastroenterologist following a patient for colon cancer. ... Following a hospital admission, the internal medicine resident reviews the patient's
July 2010

Anchoring errors ensue when diagnoses get lost in translation In two cases, a patient's use of key words led to anchoring errors in diagnosing an abdominal aortic aneurism and a classic ... Hartzband co-directs the internal medicine subinternship program. Do
November 2008

Letters to the Editor Readers consider Mindful Medicine's cautionary tale about The Blindmen and the Elephant, in which subspecialists each consider a diagnosis within their own ... I read the most recent Mindful Medicine
June 2010

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