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An eye for art among medical students

Where: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. The issue: Improving clinical observational skills among medical students. ... medical students, who have little relevant medical context early in their training, can find their way through such visually
November 2018

Diversity of medical students by parental income

The American Association of Medical Colleges reported a recent rise in the number of medical school graduates who come from families with incomes in the highest quintile. ... medical education is becoming increasingly out of reach for applicants of
April 2008

Increasing nutrition education in medicine

Efforts are under way to increase nutrition education and awareness among practicing clinicians and medical students. ... From mid-February through March 2019, fourth-year medical students were recruited to join a two-week culinary medicine elective
January 2020

ACP honors outstanding chapter activities with Evergreen Awards

Chile, for Increasing Medical Student Recruitment. Collaborating with the National Scientific Association of Medical Students during the Annual Congress, the Chile chapter increased its reach to medical students by hosting multiple ... The number of
May 2010

ACP honors outstanding chapter activities with John Tooker Evergreen Awards

This engages all medical students around a medical topic of interest to share basic science and clinical science updates with each other in the presence of faculty mentors who can serve ... The Maryland Chapter's International Medical Graduate Committee
June 2012

ACP honors outstanding chapter activities with John Tooker Evergreen Awards

ACP presented John Tooker Evergreen Awards to seven chapters at Internal Medicine 2013.
July 2013

Podcasts for medical students on internal medicine

Podcasts for medical students on internal medicine. We received two third-year medical students starting their IM rotation. ... I picked these out on a first pass, quick suggestion for my new third-year students.
September 2020

Watch medical students celebrate residency Match Day

Watch medical students celebrate residency Match Day. The residency Match ended in March. ... For those unaware of this annual event close to the end of medical school, students interview with and rank residency programs, and programs do the same with
September 2020

QD: News Every Day--Match Day results announced for osteopathic medical students

Family medicine remains the largest matched specialty among osteopathic medical students, with family medicine seeing an 11% increase (total of 472 positions) and internal medicine a 9% increase from last year. ... Today, there are more than 20,000
September 2020

Advocacy and education in social media for medical students

As a group, we decided that what we would create is an elective for 4th year medical students on using social media in medicine and medical education. ... We came to the conclusion that medical students should learn advocacy within the realm of social
September 2020

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