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No easy fix for concussion diagnosis, management

This issue also covers medical school debt trends, changes to hospital payments, and how to construct a patient narrative. ... How to pay for medical school can be top of mind for many future physicians, but lately the landscape appears to have been
February 2019

Doctor shortage isn't going away

With average medical school debt approaching $200,000 it's no wonder doctors reach for higher-paying positions. ... We have to also reduce the costs of medical school. The person who figures out how to implement this in a cost-effective way may not yet
September 2020

Lifestyle, not just financial decisions, drive exodus from primary care

Young doctors, who are burdened with medical school debt exceeding $150,000, are opting for the financial stability that a salary from a hospital-owned practice or a large integrative medical ... Voted best medical blog in 2008, and with over 29,000
September 2020

QD: News Every Day--Don't know much about health care reform

found. To characterize medical students' knowledge of and attitudes toward the Affordable Care Act and the variables of political affiliation, medical school year, specialty choice, and financial considerations, researchers e-mailed ... Students who
September 2020

The very palpable doctor shortage and how to help solve it

After all, it may seem bizarre at first glance when you consider that so many people apply to medical school to become doctors and that the number of medical graduates is ... available). While we are at it, how about taking a serious look at the problem
September 2020

3 reasons to be a doctor and have a career in medicine

If you're reading this and considering a career medicine, two other huge sacrifices should also be mentioned: debt and time. ... If you're not fortunate enough to have had family support or trained at a cheaper medical school, debt is a realistic concern
September 2020

Med school debt becomes budgeting burden for primary care

Researchers at Dartmouth Medical School created a model of a young primary care physician's finances. ... Using the average starting salary for a U.S. primary care physician ($130,000) and a medical school debt of $162,500, a monthly budget for this
July 2011

QD: News Every Day--With 7 million patients facing a primary care shortfall, two-thirds of pre-med students mull specialty careers

Only 2% cited better salary. Also, the survey reported that 71% would prefer a three-year medical school program to a four-year option, with all other factors being equal. ... A Kaplan spokesperson noted that medical school debt is a notorious factor.
September 2020

Diversity of medical students by parental income

The American Association of Medical Colleges reported a recent rise in the number of medical school graduates who come from families with incomes in the highest quintile. ... The organization's January 2008 Analysis in Brief reported that, with medical
April 2008

Hospitalist doesn't hold back on blog about rural medicine

While most doctors will happily discuss issues affecting professional compensation—declining reimbursement, medical school debt or malpractice insurance—Dr. ... her blog, which she began last May as a way to document the challenges of being a
September 2008

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