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Managing diabetes meds more complicated in elderly patients This issue covers topics including management of diabetes in the elderly, the public release of Medicare payments to physicians, and new approaches to ... As part of managing diabetes therapy in
October 2014

PERSPECTIVES 4 ACP Internist As part of managing diabetes ...

PERSPECTIVES. 4 ACP Internist. As part of managing diabetes therapy in their practice, internists must come up withjust the right combination of diet and medication to control blood glucose and ... MANAGING DIABETES MEDS MORE COMPLICATED IN ELDERLY
September 2014

‘Goldilocks' goal for diabetes and CKD Managing kidney disease in diabetes requires meeting individualized parameters and balancing risks in nephrology and cardiology. ... Effects of intensive glucose lowering in type 2 diabetes. N Engl
November 2012

Taking a weight off diabetes care

Making diabetes care less weight-centric will require a number of changes, the experts said. ... Paulsen. “This is much higher than the general population. The rules and restriction part of managing diabetes can lead to disordered eating behavior.”.
September 2020

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP announces new, updated Practice Advisor modules. “Diagnosis and Initial Management of Hypertension,” “Management of Uncontrolled Hypertension,” “Managing Diabetes Mellitus,” and other ACP Practice Advisor modules are available for
September 2018

Sharing knowledge is part of a modern Hippocratic Oath

Patient-centered medical decision making requires actively engaging patients in managing their health. ... After much focus group research with patients, the Foundation collaborated with health literacy experts to create a highly effective and very
June 2009

Prediabetes presents puzzles in clinical practice

The best way to manage “prediabetes,” or the state of impaired glucose tolerance that can precede diabetes development, is under some debate. ... Our story in this issue looks at perspectives from several experts about keeping on top of changing
July 2017

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